How to Remotely Link Someone’s Phone To Your Device

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The issues or risk factors associated with the internet have reached its pinnacle just in the past few years. With the great connectivity offered by the internet, came along some serious risks which are hard to avoid. If you show any proclivity towards technology, it is not likely for you to fall for these online risks. However, with the majority of the population being a normal day-to-day user, the chances of being exposed to these risks have increased significantly. 


The situation of social media apps in today’s age in terms of risk is quite egregious. The world of the internet is multifaceted. On one hand it offered us with great benefits which were even hard to imagine a decade back. While on the other, it cursed us with the potential risks of us getting harmed over the web. 


In the present time using the internet in a haphazard manner can lead you straight towards the dangers of the online world. It is especially your children and family who are more prone to fall victims for these hazards. With the limited exposure of the world and technology to them respectively, one can’t expect them to manage their own digital well-being. 


In order to mitigate the risks of them being exposed to online threats, a spy app is needed to be considered, for sure.


Mobile Spy App – A Valuable Tool in Your Fight Against the Online Threats


As the online frauds have increased, so do the solutions in the market. We are talking about spyware applications here. With many available in the market, it can be quite overwhelming for you to choose one. Not every app will provide you with the features they’re claiming to offer. However, certain spy apps like Onemonitar, have found to be pushing the boundaries of the spyware universe, making itself stand out in the market through its unique features. One can easily link their loved ones device with their phone to monitor them remotely, thereby ensuring their safety. 


The app offers everything which is needed to curate a digitally safe environment for your loved ones. One of its unique features is that it also acts as a hidden call recorder app. This will enable you to listen to the recordings of the calls; received and dialed over the target device.


Along with this, Onemonitar offers more than 60+ features for maintaining advanced level security. 


Now, let us take a look at some of the features provided by the app:


  1. Access to Phone Call Recordings: This feature allows you to listen to the phone calls made over the target device.

  2. Monitor WhatsApp Messages Remotely: The app allows its users to track the WhatsApp of the person on whose device the app is installed. Everything including chat details, contacts information, media shared, etc. can be accessed through this feature.

  3. Record Ambient Sounds: In some situations, to keep your loved ones safe, the need to listen to their conversations with someone else arises. This feature will allow you to activate the microphone of the target device without the knowledge of the targeted person. You can then listen to the high quality audio picked up by the microphone.

Get to know how you can link someone’s device with yours for easy monitoring


In order to use the Onemonitar app, all you need is the access of the targeted device. Since we’re spying on our family, for safety purposes, it must not be difficult to get a hold of their phone for a few minutes. The installation will hardly take around 7-8 minutes. That’s it. Now, you will be able to successfully access the target device information through their web based portal. 


The app has made it easier for everyone to keep a check on their family and friends. If a suspicious situation arises, then you can immediately take a step to mitigate the risk. The world of spy apps is growing constantly with more and more people taking the step towards their family’s safety. 


The dangers that the online world holds should be taken seriously, and a necessary system has to be brought in place for the protection of the people we care about in our lives. As now we are aware of the fatal risks associated with the uncontrollable access to the internet, we can surely make the online world a better place for others.

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