How Does the Best Attorney Help from DWI and DUI Charges in Edison?

How Does the Best Attorney Help from DWI and DUI Charges in Edison?

There are various rules that control Edison, New Jersey, and make sure that locals don’t cause trouble there. But among the many felonies and misdemeanors, there are handfuls that are rather widespread in today’s society, and to deal with these situations, you need a qualified Edison DWI attorney to help you with your case.

The law that governs a DWI offense in New Jersey is found in NJSA. 39:4–50. When someone engages in DWI or driving while intoxicated, they are in violation of this law. The prosecution will primarily need to demonstrate two elements in order to support a DWI conviction. These include driving and intoxication.


Accusation Proof

There are three tactics of the process:

  • The first method is to offer concrete proof that something worked. This is demonstrated when a police officer spots the suspect driving before making the arrest. 
  • The second tactic the prosecution may take is to get the driver or another passenger to confirm that the accused was in control of the vehicle.
  • Introduce circumstantial evidence as a final option. This suggests that even in situations where the arresting officer did not directly observe the accused operating the vehicle or gain an acknowledgment of operation from them. The circumstances surrounding the position of the accused and the vehicle help the prosecution to create an assumption of the scenario.


How is the DWI case proven?

When a person is caught driving under the influence, law enforcement has two ways to prove the incident: with the help of operational elements or intoxication of the accused. 


Operational element

Proving operational evidence of the intoxication is relatively easy to prove. There are basically three ways through which law enforcement can prove the case.

First, the method entails bringing direct evidence of the case. For example, an officer sees and testifies that the person was driving the vehicle before he was arrested.

In the second method, the prosecution can use the other people sitting in a vehicle and get their statement to support the accusation.

Finally, the prosecution may present circumstantial evidence. In such cases, the officer is not present when the accused is driving under the influence but can bring justification on the basis of the situation. For example, the officer may not have seen you driving while drunk, but if there’s an accident, they can easily make out the situation based on the circumstances.


DWI penalties

If the prosecution is successful in proving both of these factors, a DWI conviction carries severe penalties that worsen with each subsequent offense. When you are found guilty of a first offense, and your confessed BAC level is less than 15%. You will get your license suspended until an ignition interlock device is installed on your vehicle or vehicles. You also have to pay a fee and surcharge, and you will be sentenced to time in an IDRC.


Hire Experienced Attorney

In the jurisdiction of Edison, most of the cases are filed under DWI. These cases are often reported when drivers are caught drunk while driving. There is a special law that governs the movement of drunk drivers.

Reliable law firms, such as the Law Office of Jonathan F. Marshall, provide excellent service to people and also give efficient legal advice. So, when you are accused of any crime, you should hire a criminal attorney to help you with your rights. So, contact them if you are accused of DWI for instant support.