Why should an open-source application platform be used for setting up a communication system?

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Setting up certain features like virtual phone systems and computer-supported telecommunications applications is possible with an open-source application platform.


Small and medium businesses need a communication system that can improve the workflow. NEC India has developed an Application Programming Interface called UNIVERGE OW5000 that helps them develop communication applications with unparalleled ease.

The IT solution provider works with developers to tailor products and services that meet the customers’ specific needs. UNIVERGE OW5000 is an open-source application platform that supports all the protocols that are needed to ensure that the office communication system has all the essential features.

The UNIVERGE communication solutions can use TAPI or telephone application programming interface for integrating computer systems and telephony equipment such as PBX and modems. The solution enables a screen pop where relevant customer or call information is automatically displayed on a user’s computer screen when a call is received. Setting up a virtual phone system is possible using the solution, enabling a user to reach a person irrespective of the location.

Handling customers will be possible for a business as the system also supports protocols like CSTA or computer-supported telecommunications applications. A business can customize call flows in minutes with the drag-and-drop tool. They can automate outbound calls, create auto-attendants and set schedules and rules for business hours.

Since the system supports SOAP, XML and .NET, switching between the desk phone, desktop app, and mobile application is easy. They enable platform-independent communication and allow different software components and systems, regardless of their underlying technology stack, to exchange data and use various functions over a network. Small and medium businesses that allow remote work can ensure better collaboration with this feature.

The unified admin portal helps control the communication system from a single point. They will be able to set up the perfect phone system by configuring the settings according to their requirements.

The system enables business access to the company-wide phone directory. This eliminates the need to search for contact information manually, ensuring better collaboration.


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