What “Omnichannel” Means for Authors

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The concept of “omnichannel” marketing is an important one today for products in many categories, including books. The term refers to selling everywhere — online, in brick-and-mortar stores, catalogs, etc. For self-published authors, it can require finding a book fulfillment company for direct sales and a book distributor to help with retail stores. It’s the same for most media today that distribute their content on multiple channels to suit their audiences’ tastes. If you’re self-publishing your book and considering print-on-demand, it can cost you omnichannel opportunities, so think before you sign up.

It’s common today for authors to have their own e-commerce setups, often selling their books and other items. Working with an order fulfillment service to pack and ship orders speeds up and simplifies the process. When they can handle other products you sell and ship them with your books, you’re taking full advantage of the opportunities. When you go with an on-demand company and sell only through their website, it might save time initially and cost you sales and profits in the long run. You need to reach your target readers effectively, and depending on your genre, they may browse and shop more in stores.

More than 80 percent of books are still read as physical copies, and although huge numbers are sold online, some people prefer to browse and sample before they buy. The most successful authors understand their audiences and make their books readily available and accessible to buy. The same goes for local independent booksellers. They have loyal audiences, many of whom have shopped there for years. Some can be among the most enthusiastic and loyal readers – the sort of people who will recommend your book to others. Word-of-mouth promotion remains a potent way to spark sales.

A well-rounded book marketing program is also an excellent idea to improve your book’s chances of success. Nearly every book today benefits from online exposure, but traditional media coverage also matters. The trick is to start a buzz so target readers hear about your book and earn coverage that persuades people. When you’re mentioned on TV or by an esteemed media brand that is a legacy newspaper or magazine name, it helps. Being included implies an endorsement – that your book was interesting and worthy of mentioning. Multiple mentions work together and get people interested.

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