What is QuickBooks Error Code 12000, and How to Fix it?

Users often run into problems while running QuickBooks. In general, problems with the payroll are the most frequently encountered issues in QuickBooks Desktop. If you get the QuickBooks error code 12000 while working with payroll in QuickBooks, it could be due to a number of reasons. Payroll issues can be frustrating and thus require immediate troubleshooting. In this blog, we’ll discuss the most common payroll errors that belong to the 12000 series of errors, why they occur, and how to fix them with some simple troubleshooting steps.

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What Are the Most Common 12000 Series of Errors?

If you’re having problems downloading QuickBooks Desktop or payroll updates, you might be getting one of the following 12000 series of errors: 

  • QuickBooks Error 12031

  • QuickBooks Error 12029

  • QuickBooks Error 12009

  • QuickBooks Error 12007

  • QuickBooks Error 12002

Common Causes of 12000 Errors in QuickBooks Desktop

Some of the most common reasons why you can’t download QuickBooks Desktop and payroll updates are listed below. 

  1. You have entered incorrect billing info to activate payroll.

  2. The company file that has the payroll data might be damaged.

  3. Some internal issues with the QuickBooks Desktop program can also trigger such errors.

  4. Damage to the Digital Signature Certificate of the QuickBooks Desktop program.

  5. Your payroll subscription has either expired or not been activated.

How to Fix QuickBooks Update Error 12000?

Follow the steps below to fix the 12000 series of errors in QuickBooks Desktop.

Solution 1: Fix Date and Time on Windows So that QuickBooks Can Connect to the Internet

  1. Go to your system settings to change the date and time. 

  2. Click on the Date & Time link and make any changes required. 

Save it, and then download QuickBooks and payroll updates to see if the error has been fixed.

Solution 2: Get a Digital Signature Certificate for QuickBooks and Install It

When QuickBooks Desktop’s digital signature certificate is lost or cannot be found, you will need to reinstall it.

  1. Open the QuickBooks program files by going to the C drive.

  2. Click on the file QBW32.exe and go to its Properties.

  3. Click Details and then View Certificate on the Digital Signature tab.

  4. Choose Install Certificate and wait for it to be installed.

Solution 3: Reinstall QuickBooks Using QuickBooks Clean Install Tool

If your QuickBooks program has installation issues, it could cause problems with the update, and thus you will need to reinstall it using the QuickBooks Desktop Clean Install Tool. 

  1. First, altogether remove QuickBooks Desktop from the Control Panel. 

  2. Install and launch the QuickBooks Tool hub, then choose the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool from the Installation Issues tab. 

  3. Let the tool run, and then reinstall QuickBooks Desktop to check if the error is resolved.

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Implementing the solutions above, you can easily get rid of QuickBooks error code 12000. If any of the error from the 12000 series is still not letting you download QuickBooks Desktop or payroll updates, get in touch with our support team for help by dialing +18557380359

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