What is Monterey famous for

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This place is an ocean town of North California. The place faces the Monterey Bay and it is known to be the places that are abundant in wildlife and uber fresh sea food. Here you can find a lot of stuff such as oyesters, clam chowder, whales and even the dolphin pods. You’ll even find beaches here. The place offers stunning drives and it is levelled up with the cypress pines and forests. The world leading golf courses and exclusive wineries is just amazing. You dive rich into the historic neighborhoods. book Delta Flights go to amazing places in Monterey. 

Monterey state historic park

The state historic park is one of the oldest towns. You can find it to be stretching over the stalls, along the pacific. The place unfolds itself amongst the medley of the heritage buildings. Here you’ll be getting to enjoy the Larkin house, the storey house of California and a lot more. The custom house was constructed by the government and this is the only place where you could see stripes and stars flying.

Whale watching

Monterey is very famous for the whale watching. You can head towards the end of the old fisherman warf and here you’ll be finding the best outfitters who are ready to experience the best. The pacific ocean and the giant experiences of the place are going to be unforgettable. Talking about the giant whales, you’ll know that the California made the largest lot of blue whales and if you are the one who wants to organize their trip then this is the best option for you.

Monterey Bay aquarium

This is a family friendly place where you are going to enjoy the best recreations. Ther Californian ocean is the one that where you can get to enjoy the views of the forests, the touch pools, the reef sharks  and the rare sea animals.

The top highlight of the place is this place and here you can even get to see the California sea lions. They are often basking here and the onsite café is the place or the spot where you get to enjoy the company.

Lovers Point

This is the most appropriate name for the place, since a lot of lovers visit the place. The salt sprayed walks of the place, the glowing white sand and everything else about the place makes you visit it just once where you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Swimmers too come to this place to meditate, to stroll and the place is a lot very common among the surfers, kayakers and those who roll off.

Pebble beach

The place is just so interesting and amazing. The place is situated alongside the gorgeous Carmel Bay and it occupies the soft rolling coast hills. The place is perfectly manicured and you get the sand bunkers as well. There are various budget friendly alternatives for you as well.

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