What is JetBlue Airways Cancellation Policy?

JetBlue Airways Cancellation Policy

JetBlue Airways cancellation policy is among friendliest on the marketplace. It enables you to cancel your flight scot-free if you cancel within the prescribed time frame. However, the JetBlue cancellation policy differs, depending on the ticket you have actually bought.

– Cancelling Wanna Get Away Tickets

Under the JetBlue flight cancellation policy, Wan na Flee tickets are recyclable however non-refundable. JetBlue allows you to cancel (as well as reuse later on) a Wan na Get Away ticket approximately 10 minutes before your flight’s departure. After you cancel your ticket, you should use your traveling funds within 1 year of the purchase date of your ticket (remember, acquire date — not flight date).

Hot Tips

oSave the verification variety of your cancelled flight since you will certainly need it to access your travel funds later.

oIf your travel funds have ended, JetBlue may restore them for a charge of USD 100.

– Cancelling Anytime, Service Select, and Senior Tickets

Whenever and Organization Select are costlier but refundable. JetBlue Airways cancellation policy permits you to cancel an At any time, Organization Select, or Elderly ticket at the very least 10 mins before departure and also get a 100% reimbursement to your original type of settlement. This is applicable to tickets purchased by cash or Rapid Incentives factors.

JetBlue Airways cancellation policy mentions that if you no-show for an Anytime, Company Select, or Senior ticket — i.e., you do not cancel at the very least 10 mins prior to your flight’s separation — the value of your ticket will certainly be converted into travel funds.

You must utilize the traveling funds within one year from the date of original purchase. If you acquired your ticket with Fast Rewards points, all your factors will certainly be redeposited back to your account. Alternatively, you can recycle it for future travel. Nevertheless, if you cancel, you should do it at the very least 10 minutes prior to your flight’s arranged departure time.


JetBlue 24 Hours Cancellation Policy

According to the JetBlue 24-hour cancellation policy, you can cancel any kind of ticket — including a non-refundable Wan na Escape ticket — within 1 day of booking and obtain a full reimbursement.

You can cancel the ticket online using JetBlue.com, through the application, or by phone. You have the alternative to obtain the reimbursement to your initial kind of repayment or convert the worth of your ticket into Travel Funds for future travel.

You’re likewise enabled to cancel a ticket acquired fully or partly with a JetBlue Gift Card or an LUV Coupon within 24-hour of booking. However you can just cancel such tickets by speaking to JetBlue Client Relationships.


JetBlue Cancellation Policy for Trips Paid with Companion Pass and also Present Cards

JetBlue Airways cancellation policy allows you to cancel both Friend Pass fares as well as flight tickets purchased with Gift Cards as described listed below.

Companion Pass

JetBlue cancellation policy allows you to cancel a Buddy Pass fare. After you cancel, any taxes paid by you will certainly be refunded to your initial form of repayment.

Gift Cards

According to JetBlue Airways ticket cancellation policy, tickets acquired with Present Cards are non-refundable. Different policies put on them as opposed to the rules that put on tickets acquired with money or points.

Under the JetBlue cancellation policy for tickets purchased with Gift Cards, the worth of your cancelled ticket will be converted into multiple-use Travel Funds for future use. Traveling Funds commonly have an expiry date of one year.

However, if you made use of a different kind of repayment to acquire your ticket, the earlier expiration date will apply. If you cancel your present card-purchased ticket (fully or partially) within 24-hour of departure, you must call Consumer Connections.


Exactly how to Cancel a Flight on JetBlue Airways?

The JetBlue cancellation policy permits you to cancel your JetBlue ticket by phone or online.

To cancel online:

  1. Most likely to JetBlue.com
  2. Select the Change/Cancel tab from the top right side
  3. To retrieve your flight booking:
  4. Enter your
  5. Confirmation number
  6. First name
  7. Surname
  8. Select the Cancel flight option
  9. Click on Look
  10. Select the flight you intend to cancel
  11. After you have selected your flight
  12. Verify the cancellation
  13. If your ticket is totally refundable, you will have the alternative to request a refund to your initial type of payment or hold it as a Traveling Fund for future use
  14. If your ticket is non-refundable (Wan na Flee), you can ask for a Traveling Fund for future usage.

You can also cancel your JetBlue Airways flight( s) with the mobile application.


JetBlue COVID-19 Traveling Waivers

In reaction to the coronavirus pandemic, JetBlue Airways permits you to:

– Use the Travel Funds produced out of a Wan na Escape ticket for approximately 1 year from the date of original purchase.

– Convert Traveling Finances that expire on September 7, 2022 right into Rapid Rewards points at present factor rates.

– Since Fast Incentives factors never end, you can use your new factors whenever you desire. Check if you have certified traveling funds quickly — you can just convert your qualified travel funds with December 15, 2020.

Keep in mind:- If you have actually purchased your flight ticket from a travel site or company, you can call them directly to cancel your flight booking.


Just How to Utilize JetBlue Airways Travel Finances?

To access your Traveling Funds, you have to recognize the verification number associated with it. Travel funds can be utilized to buy flight tickets, taxes, as well as fees. Nevertheless, they can not be used to purchase another person’s ticket.

To see your Traveling Funds equilibrium as well as expiration days:

– Click Check Travel Funds

– Enter your name (first and last) as well as confirmation number

– Click on the Examine funds button


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