What Does the Yellow Heart Emoji Mean on Snapchat?

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Snapchat is a wonderful platform that allows the user to see more things which do not meet the eye? This is why Snapchat is one of the most popular apps which is mostly crowded. The platform is converting real-life friendship into a virtual world. At this time, different emojis and their meaning play a vital role. The most commonly used emoji is the yellow heart. Most people do not know what does yellow heart means on Snapchat. If you are the one then read the below content. 

Meaning of Yellow Heart on Snapchat:

If the person can see a yellow heart snapchat just beside the profile of someone, it means that you have something good going on with that person. You would doubt that it is different from the red heart. If the person is seeing a red heart just beside the profile of the person that means you are sharing the snaps for two weeks regularly. You have to make sure that the snap sending should be from both sides. If the person wants a pink heart they have to send a snap for two months regularly. Gaining a yellow heart is a more special one. This means that there is a two-way active session with the person. It is the most precious emoji that a person can gain on Snapchat. 

How to Get A Yellow Heart?

If the user wants a yellow heart in front of the person’s profile then you have to send the snap consistently to that person. Snapchat is providing emojis based on the snaps you are sending to the person, not on the text you are sending. After exchanging a lot of snaps with the person, you would be able to see a yellow heart just beside the profile of the person. 

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