What Can I Do About My Daughter’s Father Showing Up Drunk?


My ex and I have a 13-yr-outdated daughter. We hardly ever married. Soon after we broke up nine yrs back (in section for the reason that of his ingesting), he remaining the place. I never utilized for sole custody. We agreed our daughter would dwell with me, and he under no circumstances paid for just about anything. He moved back again lately and has been acquiring meal with her once a week. She’s having used to owning him in her daily life. The challenge: 2 times, he has turned up drunk. Most lately, he arrived quite late — without responding to her a lot of texts — and was ill in entrance of her. When I requested him to leave, we argued, and that upset my daughter a good deal. (He denies he has a ingesting difficulty often, he denies he’s been ingesting at all.) How can I assistance my daughter navigate this romantic relationship?


I share your worry for your daughter. It is genuinely significant that she not experience in a vehicle with a driver who has been drinking, or be left by itself with someone who is way too impaired to treatment for her. Start drumming that into her head now! And it is unfair to ask her — at 13 — to law enforcement grownup conduct. (No “call me if he looks odd.”) She is as well younger for that, and it may possibly be tricky for her to rat out her father. Convey to your ex that his visits must get put in your dwelling.

Now, in several states, when an single lady presents delivery, she automatically turns into the sole guardian of the baby till a court rules normally. Affirm the legislation in your condition. Potentially no even more motion is expected of you, but if it is, petition to come to be your daughter’s sole legal guardian now to assure the primacy of your decisions.

The hardest component of this story could be your ex’s dishonesty about his drinking. It makes him an unreliable mum or dad — which may be upsetting for your daughter and prevents you from trusting him. Persuade her to speak about this or, superior however, obtain her a teen chapter of Al-Anon in your location. If she is going to have a dilemma drinker in her daily life, give her the tools to deal with it.

My fiancée and I are arranging our marriage ceremony. (It is my 2nd marriage, her very first.) We’ve manufactured an original visitor record of 60 buddies and kinfolk. We want an intimate accumulating that consists of all the folks who are crucial to us. Our question: Can we remove additionally kinds when we are pals with only fifty percent of a pair (irrespective of whether married or in relationships)?


I could see having away with a plan that breaks with custom and eradicates in addition types with whom you are not near if your guest checklist topped out at a dozen. People would get that it’s a really little, individualized visitor list — nevertheless I wager you would nonetheless upset some of the excluded spouses and sizeable some others. You are not stating that you don’t know them, only that they don’t amount. (Ouch!)

But a bash of 60 is hardly personal, even if it is lesser than lots of in the marriage ceremony-industrial complex. It’s far too a lot of folks, I feel, to enable some friends deliver partners and to refuse other folks. Your guests will look at notes, and their feelings may be damage. However, it’s your marriage ceremony: You can invite whomever you like. But I’d despise for a surgical guest record to outshine your joyful working day.

My husband and I have been together for 11 a long time. He is quite shut with his pals and part of a number of large team-textual content chains. A single of the threads includes a female with whom he hooked up a number of occasions lengthy right before we satisfied. They hardly ever dated or anything at all. However, it bothers me that I have to hear from her on these chats. Am I currently being unreasonable?


If I have an understanding of you properly, you are not mistrustful of your spouse or suspicious of his friend. And sensibly, I assume, you are not inquiring him to leave a chat of good friends just because he hooked up with just one of them very long prior to you achieved.

That leaves a few possibilities for dealing with your inner thoughts: Go away the chat. (They are your husband’s friends, you say.) Mute the lady, if you choose to continue to be. Or study to put up with delicate annoyance like everyone else in the world.

Soon after several years of struggling with thinning hair and a receding hairline, I made a decision to shave my head clean. I thought it would give me a enhance of self-self esteem. As soon as the barber began shaving me, though, I regretted my conclusion. I have gained good feedback on my bald search, but I worry it is far too drastic. So, I have been wearing hats. Really should I expand out my hair or adhere with my new seem?

Youthful Person

Take it simple on your self! Almost everyone is self-acutely aware about some thing, and feeling ambivalent just after a massive improve is natural. I have no plan how you ought to design your hair. But I requested my outstanding barber, who advised me your impulse to go short was clever, but you may well have been overzealous in chopping it all off. Permit your hair grow back again to half an inch in size. That will attract significantly less consideration and stay away from seeking serious.

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