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When it comes to personal injuries, you need to rely on the right law firm with an experienced Orange County personal injury attorney who is well-versed in the law. An experienced attorney should be as flawless with negotiations as at trial to secure your rightful compensation. 

At Niral Patel’s personal injury law firm, we have a team of Orange County personal injury attorneys who are master negotiators and competent trial attorneys. We can represent you before insurance companies to obtain an adequate claim amount. We can also represent your rights aggressively in court if the need arises. 

From car accidents to premises liability, and dangerous goods to medical negligence, our Orange County personal injury attorneys can take the lead on obtaining the right compensation for your injuries. 

How Much Compensation Can You Claim?

The victim of a personal injury has the right to claim all medical expenses incurred by them to treat the injury, along with pain and suffering. Other factors that add up to the compensation include:

  • Loss of income due to injury;
  • Loss of future income;
  • Home modifications to accommodate the injury
  • Any lifetime disability, mental trauma, or loss of bodily function. 

Don’t run the risk of being unfairly compensated. Get in touch with an Orange County personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Our experienced attorneys can help you ascertain the right damages for your expenses. 

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