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If you need a tow company  in Brooklyn, NY, look no further than Hook and Go Towing. We’re the premier tow truck service in Brooklyn, providing reliable service you can trust.

A Reliable Towing Service

We specialise in off-road service and can assist with any Towing or Roadside Assistance in NYC. We provide Towing Services of various kinds. Our company has the resources and technology to get you and your vehicle to a safe location. If your vehicle requires mechanical service, we can assist you by attempting to remedy the problem on the spot or transporting you to one of our affiliated repair shops in NYC.

Brooklyn Tow Truck Service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For years, we have served Brooklyn, New York, and the neighbouring areas, including Queens, Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island, and have earned a reputation for dependable, competent, and economical towing services. We take pride in offering the greatest towing service in NYC, so you can relax knowing you’re in excellent hands! So, whatever your requirements are, contact Hook & Go Towing. We have worked with several firms throughout the years, have over 15 years of expertise, and have learned how to tow and service all types of customers.

Towing Service in Brooklyn

Thousands of clients have used Our Towing Company’s services throughout the years. We know how to tow and service various types of vehicles. We’d like to use this opportunity to tell you a little bit about ourselves. First and foremost, we want to assure you that when we receive your call, a truck will arrive within minutes. We want our consumers to have confidence in our ETA (estimated time of arrival).


Hook and Go Towing is the company you call for all of your towing requirements in Brooklyn, NY. Our dedication to promptness, professionalism, and pricing distinguishes us from the competition. Remember Hook and Go Towing the next time you require a tow truck service. Contact us at any time of day or night for unparalleled towing service.

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Address: Hook & Go Towing service

842 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11232, United States

Phone: 917-704-5949


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