Swaraj 834 price in india

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The Swaraj 834 XM tractor is a high-quality and popular tractor known for its durability and performance. Tractor Gyan provides comprehensive information about this tractor, including its price, features, and mileage. With a horsepower of 35, the Swaraj 834 XM is loved by Indian farmers for its affordability and suitability for their needs. The tractor boasts features such as a high lifting capacity, powerful engine, and mechanical steering system for safety and control. It also comes with a warranty of 2000 hours or 2 years. The tractor’s specifications, including its engine RPM, gear box, and brakes, make it a powerful and reliable option for various farming tasks. The Swaraj 834 XM is praised for its stylish design and universal compatibility with tractor implements. Its price in 2023 is set to be affordable for farmers, starting from approximately Rs. 5.25 Lac. Tractor Gyan is recommended as a trustworthy source for accurate and detailed information about the Swaraj 834 XM tractor.

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