Significant Reasons Why You Must Indulge in Golf

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According to the statistics, approximately 4 million people took up golfing in 2019. The number has multiplied in the following years. With so many new people hitting the golf course across the world for the first time, there must be some reasons behind it. It is happening because the game provides several social, physical, and mental benefits. If you are still on the fence about whether to start playing golf at Hermanus Golf Club, here in this post, we have gathered a list of reasons why everyone should indulge in the game.

Significant Reasons for Indulging in Golf:

  • Good Exercise: One of the significant reasons to indulge in gold regularly is that it is considered good exercise. It is a low-impact activity that allows you to spend a lot of time on your feet, and it also involves a lot of walking. Most gold courses, like De Zalze Golf Club, will make you walk around four to five miles by the end of the round. So, we can say that a round of golf provides a significant amount of exercise without leaving any impact on your joints.
  • Let You Stay Outdoors: We all know that golf is played at large green landscapes. So, when you play golf at Glendower Golf Club, you spend plenty of time outside, which provides you with a lot of sun exposure and much-needed vitamin D that is essential for healthy bones. Apart from that, spending time in the great outdoors has many other benefits, like regulating blood pressure, decreasing depression, boosting creativity, lessening anxiety, and helping sleep better. Being in a beautiful location, like Hermanus Golf Club, lets you stay close to nature, and it certainly doesn’t hurt.
  • Help Make New Friends: While you can enjoy a round of golf with family members or friends, you can also enjoy the game alone or with strangers. You can head to the De Zalze Golf Club alone and express your willingness to join others, and that will help you make new friends.

Additionally, you can also enjoy golf as a family activity, as you can bring your kids and family members to the golf club. If they are interested, they can join you in a round of golf and enjoy the marvelous health benefits of playing golf.

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