Services Offered By Environmental Consultants

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Environmental consulting firms provide services that help clients manage their business operations in ways that avoid or minimize negative impacts on the environment. These professionals can assist with anything from system design and project oversight to managing ongoing reporting and preparing compliance submittals. They can also help with writing grant applications for government-sponsored funding assistance.

An environmental consultant can help businesses with all types of regulatory issues, including hazardous waste disposal and cleanup. They can perform soil and groundwater testing to determine if contaminants are present, and they can also work with local, state and federal regulators to facilitate permit application, approval and compliance.

Many different types of companies may benefit from an environmental consultant’s expertise, including construction, real estate, governmental agencies and energy providers. Some of the most common services provided by an environmental consulting firm include biological surveys, site assessments and investigations, site remediation, and watershed management.

The first step in finding an environmental consultant is to request a referral from a trusted source, such as a colleague, another company in your industry or a legal counsel or insurance agent. Then, ask for proposals from several consultants to find the best one to meet your needs. Look for a company that has enough experience working with the regulators you are dealing with, so they know what information is critical and what can be left out.


An experienced team of marine, aquatic, wetland and terrestrial ecologists can provide biological surveying on your property to identify and locate endangered, threatened or rare species, their habitats, or historically cultural areas. They can also help you develop a habitat restoration plan to mitigate the impact of your activity on these sensitive ecosystems.


A qualified air quality scientist can assess your facility and determine the air emissions it produces and the potential risks they pose to the surrounding environment. They can then recommend strategies to reduce or eliminate those emissions, ensuring your facility is in compliance with regulatory requirements.


An environmental consultant can perform a variety of water quality tests to determine the condition of your water supply. They can also help you develop a water treatment program to ensure that your water meets regulations for potable, domestic and industrial use.


An environmental consultant can help you deal with contamination from hazardous substances, such as lead, asbestos and petroleum fuels. They can assist with identifying, monitoring and controlling sources of contamination, as well as assisting with cleanup efforts.


An environmental consultant can help with aboveground and underground storage tank registration, compliance, repairs, industrial maintenance, and cleanup. They can also assess a property and determine whether there are any unexpected environmental hazards, such as buried tanks, unlabeled or damaged drums, surplus chemicals, or other contamination sources. This type of environmental consulting is critical to maintaining your environmental compliance.

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