Reasons To Improve Your Business Customers Journey

Reasons To Improve Your Business Customers Journey

The purchases your customers make involve a process that begins long before completing the transaction. To differentiate yourself from the competition and gain their trust, you must understand the path they take to reach your company and become customers. You achieve this with the customer journey.

It is the journey that people take from the moment they identify a need until they make the purchase.

Why customer journey is important?

Through the customer journey, you can analyze the purchasing process from the perspective of the customer and not the company. This helps you put yourself in the buyers’ shoes, to design effective strategies to attract them. 

Better understand your ideal clients

During the purchasing process, prospects move from one point to another, and with mapping you can identify how easy it is for them to do so.

Answers to these questions reveal how shoppers feel throughout the visit and can help brands improve practices that cause frustration or confusion for them.

This analysis also allows them to know what their customers’ pain points and challenges are, so they can optimize marketing and sales strategies to improve their experience.


Help you improve customer experience

Sometimes company departments have different information regarding the customer experience, leading to inconsistencies in the service you are trying to deliver.

Thanks to this, sales and marketing teams have a clear view of the interactions a buyer has with the company. This can help you work together toward the common goal of more sales and profits.


 Help you to improve the purchasing process

By mapping the customer journey you will be able to identify gaps in the purchasing process that you would not have otherwise noticed.

Using this information, you’ll know to make changes to include a messaging tool, such as a chatbot, that allows customers to talk to the company when they need to.


Predict customer behavior

It is also important to analyze the customer journey because it helps predict how buyers will behave as they progress through the sales funnel.

With this map, you will be able to see their behavior patterns and predict which prospects are most likely to convert.

Knowing the audience helps brands make better decisions to move them forward in the purchasing process. Some customers, for example, would like to speak with a support representative, while others may prefer a less direct approach and appreciate blog posts or weekly or monthly newsletters more.


Helps reduce expenses

Companies that map the customer journey can reduce expenses. On the one hand, by better serving the needs of buyers, the loss of current customers is minimized, and thus the costs of acquiring new ones. In addition, they could experience a decrease of up to 10 times in customer service expenses.


Increase customer satisfaction

When companies analyze the customer journey and make changes to offer the best experiences, customer satisfaction increases.

Likewise, when problems within the company are solved and communication is improved, employee confidence also increases.

This makes them feel more satisfied with their work, which helps them perform their tasks more effectively.


Tips to analyze to develop the customer journey:

Within the customer journey, certain key aspects must be analyzed to obtain the most relevant information from the customer.

These will help you change, reinforce, or redirect sales strategies and offer a better service and experience during the process.


Get to know the buyer’s persona

You cannot analyze the customer journey if you do not know who the ‘passengers’ of that journey are; what they are looking for, what their preferences are, what other options they consulted, what moves them to choose your brand, etc.  Do you know why is twitter a useful channel for building personas?


List contact points

You must make a list of all the interactions that your buyer persona has with the brand in their purchasing process. These touchpoints, which can occur in offline and online channels, are ideal opportunities to generate positive experiences there.

Some of these are physical locations like offices or stores, websites, chats, phones, social media, mobile apps, etc. 

Once the contact points have been identified, you can design the customer journey map to later align the company’s processes with the customer’s journey.

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