Pyrite Jewelry Exuding Royal Elegance

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A brilliant jewel made of the iron sulphide mineral is pyrite. The stone is brassy in color and has a metallic luster that resembles gold. It is also known as Fool’s gold because of its similarity to gold. Pyrite Jewelry has a brittle feel and an opaque transparency. It is worn as jewelry and utilized for decorating. The meaning of pyrite is purity and the release of creativity. Pyrite, with its priceless colours and strong defensive qualities, demonstrates that not everything that glitters is gold. The stone can be worn as a Pyrite Ring, Pyrite Pendant, Pyrite Earrings, Pyrite Necklace or the Pyrite Bracelet. This stone’s golden tones complement the Sterling Silver Jewelry well, and when worn together, they are very beneficial to the wearer’s health. The word pyrite is derived from a Greek word which is pyr, which means fire.

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