Powder Coating Cost in NJ

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Powder coating is a largely preferred alternative to wet paint and one of the most commonly used metal finishing processes across industries. There are various benefits of powder coating over liquid paint.

 Firstly, powder coating is an environmentally friendly process that doesn’t release harmful toxins in the air, as liquid paint does. Secondly, powder coating is available in various colors, textures, and finishes that fulfill a wide range of results such as durability and improved aesthetics.

 Lastly, powder coating is a long-lasting solution for metal finishing, making powder coating cost cheaper than wet paint in the long run.

 How Much Does Powder Coating Cost?

Powder coating is more costly than painting, largely owing to the professional expertise and equipment required. Powder coating cost is commonly calculated as a standalone sum, per hour, or the area. On average, powder coating costs range between $10-$2000 in the US, or an hourly fee of $55-$75 per hour.

It also depends on the item to be coated. For example, a double bed may cost around $200-$250, including materials and labor. There can also be the added cost of pretreatment services like sandblasting.

 While you may purchase DIY kits and cost yourself, it’s recommended to have professionals do it for flawless and effective powder coating.

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