Lowest Brokerage Charges In India For 2024

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In the dynamic landscape of the Indian stock market, choosing the best trading platform in India is crucial for investors looking to optimize their returns. As the financial market evolves, investors are increasingly seeking platforms that offer competitive brokerage charges without compromising on the quality of services. In this article, we explore the best stock brokers for lowest brokerage charges in India, identifying and analyzing the platforms.

Zerodha: Pioneering Discount Brokerage

Zerodha has been a trailblazer in the realm of discount brokerage in India. With a flat fee structure, Zerodha charges a maximum of Rs. 20 per trade, irrespective of the trade size. This straightforward pricing model has made Zerodha immensely popular among retail investors. Additionally, Zerodha offers a user-friendly platform and a range of tools that empower investors to make informed decisions.

Upstox: Empowering Investors with Low Costs

Upstox is another player in the Indian brokerage scene that has gained traction for its low-cost structure. With brokerage charges starting at Rs. 20 per trade, Upstox provides a cost-effective solution for traders and investors. The platform offers a seamless trading experience, coupled with a variety of educational resources to help users enhance their market knowledge.

Angel Broking

Angel Broking, a well-established name in the Indian brokerage industry, has revamped its pricing model to stay competitive. With a flat fee of Rs. 20 per trade, Angel Broking caters to the cost-conscious investor while offering a comprehensive suite of services. The platform’s diverse offerings include research reports, technical analysis tools, and a user-friendly trading interface.

5paisa: Affordable Trading for Every Investor

5paisa is recognized for its affordable pricing structure, with a flat fee of Rs. 20 per trade. The platform provides a cost-effective solution for traders and investors, particularly those who trade in high volumes. 5paisa also offers a range of financial products, including mutual funds and insurance, making it a one-stop-shop for investors.

Kotak Securities: A Traditional Broker with Competitive Rates

Kotak Securities, a well-established traditional brokerage, has also adapted to the changing dynamics by offering competitive brokerage rates. While not as low as some discount brokers, Kotak Securities provides a reliable platform with a transparent fee structure, making it a preferred choice for investors seeking a balance between cost and service quality.



Choosing the right brokerage platform is a pivotal decision for investors navigating the Indian stock market. The platforms mentioned above have set themselves apart by offering some of the lowest brokerage charges in India. Whether you prioritize a flat fee structure, comprehensive services, or a balance between cost and quality, these brokers provide viable options to suit diverse investor preferences. As you embark on your investment journey, it’s crucial to consider not just the brokerage charges but also the overall features, reliability, and customer support offered by the platform to ensure a seamless and rewarding trading experience.

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