is quickbooks desktop being phased out in 2023

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is quickbooks desktop being phased out in 2023




QuickBooks Desktop Phased Out in 2023: What You Need to Know




In a surprising turn of events, reports are circulating that QuickBooks Desktop, a long-standing and widely used accounting solution, is set to be phased out in 2023. QuickBooks Desktop has been a staple for businesses of all sizes for years, and this transition signals a significant shift in Intuit’s strategy toward cloud-based solutions.


Key Points to Consider:


1. Official Announcement:


Check the official Intuit website or press releases for an official announcement regarding the phasing out of QuickBooks Desktop. Pay attention to any details regarding the timeline of this transition and any support provided during the transition period.

2. Transition Plans:


Understand the plans and support offered by Intuit to facilitate a smooth transition for existing QuickBooks Desktop users. This may include migration tools, data transfer assistance, and discounts on alternative solutions.

3. Benefits of Cloud-Based Solutions:


Explore the benefits of transitioning to cloud-based accounting solutions. These often include enhanced collaboration, real-time access to data, automatic updates, and improved scalability.

4. Consideration for Current Users:


If you are a current QuickBooks Desktop user, consider the implications of this change on your business operations. Evaluate the compatibility of your existing processes with cloud-based alternatives.

5. Alternative Solutions:


Research alternative accounting solutions provided by Intuit or other reputable software providers. QuickBooks Online is a natural alternative, but there may be other options that better suit your business needs.

6. Data Migration Process:


Understand the data migration process from QuickBooks Desktop to the chosen alternative. This is a critical step to ensure a seamless transition without losing historical financial data.

7. Support and Training:


Check the availability of support and training resources during the transition. Intuit may provide guides, tutorials, and customer support to assist users in adapting to the new software.

8. Budgetary Considerations:


Evaluate the financial aspects of the transition, including any costs associated with software subscriptions, data migration, and potential training expenses.

9. Timeline for Phasing Out:


If Intuit has specified a timeline for phasing out QuickBooks Desktop, be sure to mark key milestones. Plan your transition accordingly to avoid disruptions to your financial processes.

10. Stay Informed:


Keep yourself informed about any updates, additional features, or changes that may occur during the transition period. Follow Intuit’s communications channels for the latest information.



The potential phasing out of QuickBooks Desktop in 2023 marks a significant shift in the accounting software landscape. As a user, staying informed, evaluating alternatives, and planning a smooth transition will be crucial to ensuring the continued efficiency of your financial processes. Intuit is likely to provide ample support and resources to facilitate this shift, so be proactive in exploring these options and making informed decisions for your business.

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