Influencer Marketing for Blockchain-NFT Games: What are the Benefits?

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With the emergence and growth of social media, a new brigade of celebrities is storming into the world of business and marketing. They are social media celebrities. With a better emphasis, we can call them influencers who influence consumers’ choice of purchase.


People follow these influencers on various social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., for product recommendations and advice. Digital marketers, including video game marketing professionals, consider influencer marketing as a bridge to connect with the targeted audience organically.


Like any other industry, the video game world is all set to grip influencer marketing strategies. By implementing effective strategies, and smart hacks, one can ooze the last drops of ROI of your video game marketing campaign, especially for blockchain-NFT games. As a matter of fact, the demand for influencer marketing for blockchain-NFT games is high on the rise, growing, and fast evolving. The reasons for the growth are simple: game influencers can increase brand awareness and improve audience reach.


But, since the adaptation of influencer benefits for game marketing is new, NFT development company and solo game marketers are still reluctant to consider influencer-based marketing campaigns beneficial for the video game market. Here, we will discuss the benefits of influencer marketing for blockchain-NFT games.


Benefits of influencer Marketing for Blockchain-NFT Games


As you go to blockchain consulting services for developing better blockchain-driven applications, influencer marketing also opens up a new avenue to lead your game marketing campaign with efficacy. Let’s unveil the benefits of partnering up with video game influencers.


Hook to Your Targeted Audience Organically


The traditional game marketing methods are a little bit pushy. Whether it is an advertisement, pamphlet, or celebrity endorsement, somewhere between players know that the video game is being forced upon them. Day by day, they will lose interest in your game. Their reluctance will increase the gap between your games, your brand, and your audience.


Influencer marketing convinces the audience about the game subtly, without directly pushing them to purchase the game. Almost 42.7% of internet users worldwide report using an ad blocker. (Backlinko)

An influencer-based marketing campaign is the ultimate savior of this concern.


Influencers are Professional Content Curators


An effective video game marketing campaign requires fresh content to grab the attention of the targeted audience. Influencers are professional content creators. It is their unique content that enables them to stand among the crowd. When a creative content-generating team of a video game studio collaborates with a famous game influencer, it creates an explosion on social media platforms. Both the content and the influencer’s marketing efforts turn into a masterpiece.


Reach Audience Beyond Targeted Audience


Yes, you are focussing on your targeted audience. Think, wouldn’t that be great if you reach out to the new audience over the target boundaries, converting them into potential consumers of your video game? The influencer-based marketing campaign will enable you to increase the organic views of your video content on social media websites.


73% of gamers take pleasure in watching others play video games on YouTube. (Think with Google)

This data offers enough insight into the effectiveness of influencers for game marketing.


Brimming over with Trust and Confidence


The audience is 17% more loyal to the game influencers than media marketing partners on YouTube. (Forbes)


Besides partnering with an NFT game development company, video game companies require people who can win the trust and loyalty of the audience on their behalf. Without winning the trust of the audience, you can not earn their confidence in your video game.


Boost Your SEO and ASO


Unless your game ranks higher in SEO and ASO, your game can not fly off the shelves. Influencer marketing will help you to get more and more backlinks to navigate your SEO and ASO efforts. It is the place where influencer-based marketing strategies come in handy. Successful ASO marketing strategy is an ongoing process that requires adaptability and data-driven decision-making to ensure AAA gaming apps stand out in the crowded app marketplace.


Wrapping up


If done properly, influencer marketing campaigns for video games prove effective in driving traffic to your video game store. But, you need to collaborate with the right influencers who can push your sales up high. First, set your goal and then embrace effective strategies for influencer-based game marketing campaigns.

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