Important Things to Know Before Buying A Magnetic Whiteboard

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If you have just started your comprehensive search for the best magnetic whiteboard instead of a traditional one, this guide will help you.

Installing a whiteboard on the school walls or even inside the official meeting rooms is a regular practice to enhance learning & collaboration.

As you already know, whiteboards are engaging office stationery items just like other products like pens, notepads, laminating paper, A4 photocopy paper, sticky notes, and more. So, if you are new to using a magnetic whiteboard, then you should know its different materials and manifold advantages.

This article highlights the integral benefits of adding a magnetic whiteboard in your classroom or office area. Before that, you should know the different whiteboard surfaces, before laying hands on the same,

Know the different whiteboard surfaces

Generally, three different surfaces of whiteboards are immensely popular in the official and educational ecosystem.

1.    Glass whiteboards

One of the best varieties of magnetic whiteboards is made up of a glass frame that adds style and a unique outlook to the product. It’s a lightweight and dent-free whiteboard that sure to last for a long span of time. Both at schools and in offices, glass surface whiteboards can be installed easily with the help of professional experts. Moreover, this dry-erase whiteboard is available in a wide selection of colors.

Key benefits:

·      Extremely lightweight and durable.

·      Tempered glass is dent and scratch-free.

·      Elaborate the design of the classroom and workspace.

·      Both magnetic and non-magnetic options are available.

2. Porcelain whiteboards

The traditional surface and frame of magnetic whiteboards are available in porcelain material. It is the widely used surface of whiteboard which is best known for its cost-effective price, widespread availability, and different sizes available. Although, it’s not as thick as glass whiteboard, still, porcelain whiteboard offers you the following set of benefits:

·      Affordable range of magnetic & non-magnetic whiteboards.

·      Steel backing for long-lasting usage.

·      Extremely durable and dent-free in nature.

·      Easy to install by anyone.

3. Painted steel whiteboards

Another popular surface material of dry-erase whiteboard is made up of painted steel material. These are the classic-looking whiteboards that appear to have steel frames but are painted in such a way as to capture the user’s attention. Just like porcelain whiteboards, even painted steel whiteboards have steel backing.

Key benefits:

·      Long-lasting performance.

·      Easy to clean for long-term maintenance.

·      Wide range of styles and colors.

·      Resistant to ink stains.

Why should you invest in a magnetic whiteboard?

At this point, you have got the idea of different surfaces of magnetic whiteboards. These whiteboards allow your eraser and marker to stick on the whiteboard. Moreover, there are manifold advantages of such a board.

·      Improve memory: One of the significant benefits of using a magnetic whiteboard is improving the learning and engagement process. Whether inside the classroom or meeting rooms, anything written on the white background featured board surely captures the attention of attendees and allows them to contribute something to the discussion. It helps engage multiple senses of people inside a small room and provides valuable information.

·      Develop motor skills: Especially at schools developing children’s skills is a matter of great importance. Concerning the same, learning through magnetic whiteboard allows students to see, understand, write something, and contribute something in the classroom. Doing all this will enhance the motor skills of students.

·      Cost-effective alternative to digital screens: To enhance learning and professional engagement, certainly, investing in a magnetic whiteboard is better than digital screens. Instead of adding a connection and waiting for the network, start writing anything on the magnetic whiteboard to discuss and execute.


Improve employee engagement in the office and learning for students in schools with the help of magnetic whiteboards. Shop for an appropriate size of the whiteboard of a particular surface material from a reliable online platform. Start searching for a reliable eCommerce platform in the UAE to start shopping for whiteboards and other stationery items.

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