Hydrafacial and Skin tratment Newport Beach

Hydrafacial and Skin tratment Newport Beach

Hydrafacial is a new procedure in the field of hardware cosmetology. It aims to cleanse the skin, remove the keratinized layer of cells, and abundantly moisturize it. The technique is suitable for regular and periodic use. It is worth noting that hydrofacial is a type of soft facial peeling. The technique is often called hydro peeling aqua peeling and is often used as an alternative to mechanical and hardware methods (mechanical cleaning, IPL, microdermabrasion, chemical peels). HydraFacial(r) devices are used by hydrafacial Newport Beach (USA) to perform the procedure. The devices combine the functions of cleaning, peeling, lifting, and rejuvenation, as well as moisturizing and treating the skin.

Hydro facial procedure: skin radiance and more

HydraFacial devices combine non-abrasive diamond dermabrasion and saturate the skin with beneficial serums. Thanks to the vacuum attachment, the skin’s surface layers are cleaned, and dead skin cells, post-acne marks, and blackheads are also removed. At the same time, the skin receives nutrition and hydration by applying soft serums to the cleansed surface and it is performed under the supervision of experts at Skin Treatment Newport Beach.

Hydro facial facial cleansing: 4 in 1 technology

Removal of the surface layer of cells and peeling – hydro exfoliation of the skin, including dead cells traces of post-acne;

Pore cleansing;

Stimulation of cell regeneration due to vacuum exposure;

Moisturize the skin by applying serums.

In addition to the cleansing

In addition to the cleansing rejuvenating effect, as well as intense hydration (and all this during one session), the technique has another advantage. It has minimal impact on the skin. The procedure is painless and does not require rehabilitation at all. Even if slight redness occurs after the procedure, as a rule, it disappears in less than an hour. Medical Spa Newport Beach is one of the best centres for all types of treatment where you can get the work of your choice.

When and how often can the procedure be done?

As already noted, the Hydrafacial technique is delicate. Therefore, there are no particular restrictions regarding facial cleansing in this way. Hydrofacial is performed as an alternative to mechanical cleansing for systemic care of dry skin, as well as for periodic facial skin care and as a way to cleanse the surface layers of the skin in preparation for more intensive cosmetic care. There are no age restrictions for the procedure. hydrafacial Newport Beach cleaning can be done often, even once a week, to maintain freshness and beauty.

Indications and contraindications for the procedure

The Hydrafacial is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. As a rule, it is recommended to solve the following problems:

Skin dehydration;

Dull complexion;

The presence of superficial and deep wrinkles;

Presence of blackheads and closed comedones;

Oily skin;

The presence of comedones and papules on the face;

Enlarged pores;

Presence of hyperpigmentation;

Presence of acne marks;

Uneven facial tone;

Presence of ingrown hairs.

As for contraindications, despite the delicacy of the technique, they also exist:

The presence of acute skin diseases;

Open wounds on the surface of the skin;

Rosacea in the affected area;

Psoriasis and eczema in the affected area;

The presence of warts, papillomas and other skin formations on the skin that may make skin treatment difficult; Acne in the form of comedones and papulopustular rash, as well as the presence of subcutaneous inflammation in the tissues in the form of cysts and nodules;


Individual sensitivity to the effects of the device, in particular vacuum.


facial cleaning hydrafacialThere are various standardized protocols for using the HydraFacial(r) device, including facials, Business Beauty, Red Carpet Hydrafacial, Oily HydraFacial MD, Anti-Spot Hydrafacial, Hydrafacial Makeup, Light Hydrafacial.

These types of care are aimed at deep cleansing, rejuvenation, fresh skin, treating stage I-II acne, and combating pigmentation. They are used depending on the indications and wishes of clients of Skin Treatment Newport Beach by their experts.

Using the example of deep facial cleansing, let’s look at how Hydrafacial occurs step by step.

As a rule, hardware facial cleansing Hydrafacial includes three key stages, during which various attachments are used:

Stage 1. Hydroexfoliation

Due to the influence of the device and soft serum (together with water), the skin is cleansed of the keratinized layer of cell sebum and prepared for further cleansing and moisturizing.

Stage 2. Cleansing pores and deep layers of skin

Exfoliated facial skin is covered with serums based on salicylic and glycolic acid, which actively affect pore fat deposits. After this, the skin is treated from zone to zone with a vacuum nozzle. Under the influence of the nozzle, impurities are drawn out and absorbed by the device, and the pores are cleaned. It achieves a highly delicate effect on the skin with minimal redness, in contrast to intensive mechanical cleansing.

Stage 3. Moisturizing

Next, the skin is treated with various serums that soothe and moisturize it. It can be hyaluronic acid and various serums based on amino acids and peptides.

The procedure lasts 45-60 minutes.

Hydrafacial hardware cleaning: effect after the procedure

Evens out the relief and tone of the skin;

Pores are cleansed;

Acne marks are eliminated;

The skin becomes rested;

A beautiful glow appears;

Dryness and lethargy go away;

Regenerative processes are launched, making the skin look fresher and tighter;

Blush appears;

The appearance of acne is reduced.


In conclusion, the Hydrafacial procedure is suitable for systemic use and does not require rehabilitation. You can do it even during your lunch break and return to normal activities after the session. On the first day after cleansing your face with Hydrofeshl, you should refrain from applying decorative cosmetics and exposure to direct sunlight. There are usually no side effects or excessive redness after cleansing. This procedure can be more reliable if u get the services from Skin Treatment Newport Beach experts.