Huddig introduces 1370T Hybrid Backhoe Loader

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Huddig has launched its first hybrid backhoe “1370T” in the US market. The electric-operated machine can take your construction business to new heights. Huddig’s loader has many state-of-the-art features. This article will cover everything about the all-new hybrid backhoe.

The electric heavy equipment can operate on peak power without the need to charge for two hours. Huddig’s hybrid loader lowers CO emissions, reduces fuel costs, and also minimizes noise levels. Let’s find out what are the key features of this 1370T backhoe.

Key Features

The electric loader is outfitted with an incredible set of features. Here are some essential features of this hybrid heavy equipment.

  • Automatic Charging

The backhoe for sale is equipped with revolutionary tigon technology that allows the machine to work non-stop for two hours. The charging automatically starts once the battery reaches a low level and can charge the battery in 40 minutes.

  • Upgraded Cab

The all-new hybrid loader has improved cab interior features. These features include the latest seat suspension, a better HVAC system, and a digital display for effective projection of the backhoe’s functions.

  • Enhanced Performance

1370T comes with a 10% longer reach and 40% increased torque. The electric loader can lift heavy material over 4.3 meters in height, which is an 18% increase in comparison to the previous model.

  • Multi Hydraulic Functions 

Huddig’s backhoe has a built-in third double-acting hydraulic outlet option that allows the machine to run three hydraulic functions together. The heavy equipment manufacturer has developed FlexLever (a combined solution of hard and software tech) that enables the driver to operate these hydraulic functions with a joystick. 

Additional Features

The all-new 1370T backhoe has many additional features to enhance work performance and machine productivity. Let’s explore some of those features.

  • Incredible Efficiency

The hybrid loader can deliver top efficiency on a continuous basis with smart charging mode. These backhoes can operate on peak output for 2 hours using their electrical system.  

  • 30% Extra Power

Huddig’s electric heavy equipment can provide extra power when needed. These machines can deliver 30% extra power to complete the construction site work.

  • 4 Wheel Drive

1370T loader has a four-wheel drive (4WD) mechanism. The 4WD offers individual wheel drive control that can provide excellent accessibility and effective control on both smooth and rough surfaces.

  • Zero Noise

The EV mode in this latest hybrid backhoe allows the operators to drive his heavy equipment silently and without any CO emissions. These loaders are best for indoor jobs and residential area projects.


Huddig’s first electric heavy equipment is built with some amazing specifications. Below are some essential specifications.

  • Engine

1370T backhoe has a Cummins turbocharged diesel engine. The loader can generate power up to 115 kW at 2000 rpm. The straight 4-cylinders of the diesel engine have a capacity of 4.5 liters. The powerful engine can hit 651 Nm torque at 1500 rpm to provide peak performance.

  • Drive

The electric drive comes with a Huddig/Alelion 44 kWh 90V battery. The drive can provide two different power outputs based on the drive system. The power output from the diesel engine can hit 81 kW, while the combined output (electrical + mechanical) can be 139 kW.

  • Transmission

The hybrid loader has a plug-in type transmission system. The heavy equipment comes with three electric motor generators to charge the battery. The battery provides power to the four electric wheel motors to drive the machine. Whereas, the transmission can achieve up to 10 km/h on a low-speed ratio, while it can hit up to 50 km/h at a high-speed ratio.

  • Wheels

The backhoe has 620/60×34 standard-size four wheels. The block pattern tires provide you best surface grip and control to complete your construction job.

  • Braking System

1370T has a two-circuit braking system with two accumulators. Wet disc brakes are installed on all four wheels to prevent the braking system of your machine from warp and wear issues.

  • Steering System

The hybrid loader comes with a hydrostatic orbital control system with dual cylinders in the centre pivot. The steering mechanism provides your machine operator a steering angle of 32 degrees, while a frame oscillation angle of 8 degrees.

  • Hydraulic System

Huddig’s heavy equipment has a load-sensing hydraulic system with variable axial piston pumps. The hydraulic operating pressures in standard mode and boost mode are 23 MPa and 26 MPa respectively.

  • Electrical System

The backhoe has a 24 Volt electrical system that can provide you with a powerful 110 Ah battery. The generator and start mover effects offer 108 A and 5.8 kW respectively.

  • Dimensions & Weight

The hybrid loader comes with a length of 8630 mm. The maximum width and height of your machine are 2600 mm and 3110 mm. The electric backhoe has a standard gross weight of 14,620 kg.



Huddig’s 1370T is a powerful backhoe as it can provide 30% extra power for completing construction jobs like excavation, digging, and landscaping. These hybrid loaders have many useful features to provide you with optimum power during heavy equipment operations. The electric-operated machine can deliver the best results by reducing noise and carbon emissions.

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