How to Open Get DTDC Courier Franchises in India

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DTDC courier service is a reputed brand in India for delivery of logistic and cargo services. However, it started its operations in 1990 under leadership of Mr. Subhashish Chakraborty, founder & managing director of DTDC. The courier company was the first to introduce franchise-based model in the industry for fueling growth. No denying the move paid off by delivering superb growth for the courier service provider for decades. Moreover, entrepreneurs still rank as one of the best franchising opportunities.

And, the leading courier service has got an extensive chain of delivery centers throughout India. Every day it accomplishes countless shipments of cargo. They have got over 10,000 centers for maintaining their business ensuring timely deliveries of parcels and cargos of customers.

For new and experienced entrepreneurs, it offers DTDC franchise which promises steady monthly income. The business has solidified their grip on the courier and logistic business in India. They have consolidated their channel network through a vast network of franchises who are mostly first time businessmen.

Before proceeding further, I think it is the best place to introduce my expertise and experience. I suppose that it is a perfect place to introduce my expertise and experience. After finishing my MBA (Marketing & Operations), I got an opportunity to work with one of the leading oxygen gas plant production companies in India. After serving five years in the gas plant company, I changed the company and joined one of the largest courier companies in India. This is where I learned all about courier and cargo services.

After working for over 20 years in the logistic sector I resigned from the job to set up my shop as an independent consultant. I have helped many of my clients to choose highly profitable franchises to establish their businesses.

In the present article, I will discuss various benefits of starting a DTDC franchise. Firstly, the full form of DTDC stands for Desk to Desk Courier and Cargo. The company started its operations when the country was poised for a big growth. One year after its establishment, India liberalized its economy setting the stage for superb growth.

DTDC Company History

The logistic company registered robust growth year after year after opening up of the Indian economy in 1991. Moreover, the company generated high profits during the high growth period of nineties. And, it was a safe company for aspiring businesses to set up franchises.

With minimum investment, you would be able to generate terrific business for you and DTDC. Its franchise has been doing excellent for over three decades. And, the courier firm has been able to erect an amazing business in the logistic sector. And, it is no wonder that it has more than 12,000 franchise owners in the country.

Advantages of Choosing DTDC Courier Franchise

DTDC has a reputation of providing business opportunities to so many people thus creating thousands of jobs. However, the company has been able to achieve such superb business success due to its innovative practices and an amazing franchising model. Setting up the franchise needed little investment which was highly affordable. Both entrepreneurs and professionals are running DTDC franchise and highly satisfied with their performance.

Both professionals and new businessmen have started their ventures with DTDC. No denying, the franchise offers assured monthly returns. The more you work harder the more profitable you become. Besides, DTDC franchise also allows them to tie up with e-commerce companies including Amazon for deliveries. It offers numerous other such businesses for more profitability. And, you can also start another franchise after you recovering the investment.

DTDC Franchise Models

Model Franchisee

Model franchises are the top-notch franchises of DTDC. The company provides only for specific pin codes and is responsible for making for growing the business. They work for increasing the client base of their client base. These franchises are responsible for handling the needs of corporate clients.

Delivery Franchisee

Delivery franchise has the job of picking FDM from the branch and transferring it to the clients in its assigned pin codes. These franchises do not do the appointments. They see to it all shipments reach their destinations.

Eligibility for Getting DTDC Courier Franchise


The company offers all types of training and assistance for making their units successful.

Branding and Hygiene

The franchisee will be eligible for building brand awareness and taking care of basic hygiene in the store.

Sales Growth and Service Excellence

There is great focus on delivering growth through cultivating sales and improving service quality.

Implementing New Innovations

Seeking new innovative ideas for increasing the sales revenue of the company. Needless to say, it is imperative to keep getting new clients for achieving growth.

Market Research

The leading logistic company also carries out extensive research for knowing market trends and making competitor strategies for coming up with future plans to achieve growth.

Office Equipment Requirements

·         Computer, Printer, scanner, Bar Code Reader.

·         High Speed Internet connectivity.

·         Packaging Tape or Shipping label

·         Electricity or Inverter Facility for continuous electricity.

·         Interiors as per guideline by DTDC Courier Company.

·         CCTV camera for security purpose.

·         Parcel Vehicle

DTDC Courier Franchise Cost

Costing of getting a franchise would depend on various expenses including the franchise fee. Total investment would include expenses like print receipts, orders, or tracking labels, as well as a computer, high-speed internet, bar code reader, motor vehicles, packaging label, adhesive, staplers, pins, etc.

Following are the three categories of franchises DTDC provides to the entrepreneurs:

Sr. No.


Total Investment


Category A (Model Franchise)

Rs 1, 50,000


Category B (Enterprise Franchise)

Rs 1, 00,000


Category C (Delivery Franchise)

Rs 50,000

Documents Required

·         Voter identity card or driver’s license issued to franchise owner.

·         Ration card, phone bill or landline account statement.

·         Agreement on the ownership of land.

For subsidized DTDC in rural areas, the company will carry out a thorough background check on all applicants. It is important that you demonstrate your financial background by providing a bank statement. You can deposit franchisee fee through a demand draft. Also, the leading courier also provides all the relevant information.

Space Requirement for DTDC Courier Franchise

It goes without saying that one requires storage space for parcel management.  No doubt, it is important in delivery industry. However, the ideal storage space must be around 300-450 square feet. Notably, it must be on the ground floor and visible to the passers-by on the road.

Application Process for Getting DTDC Franchise

The company has got elaborate procedure for awarding DTDC franchise. You can know about the availability through marketing, advertising and you can also contact the company representatives. After short listing franchisee, the company provides basic information, terms and conditions. Before giving the franchise, they inspect the premises

Following documents needed for Submission

·         Security deposit

·         Franchisee fee

·         Voter ID card or driver’s license.

·         Ration card or landline telephone bill.

·         Leave and license agreement or premises ownership agreement.

·         Financial credential: Bank passbook or bank statement.

·         Letter of reference.

Thereafter, reviewing of applications takes place for verification. Then, your application will receive approval from RCM/ZCM, RM/Regional Head, ROM/ZOM and ZM. And, the approved franchisees will get email from the GM with an activation link.

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