How to Find Unique Blog Topics – Top 5 Tips for Content Writers

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Prime Factors

The top ways to find intriguing blog topics include,

  • Know the popular headline to identify the reader’s interest.
  • Choose an SEO-friendly topic.
  • Do an emotional appeal to trap the reader.
  • Be specific to the topic of discussion.
  • Conduct an A/B test to choose a winning title.

The guide below has details that are worth taking note of.

The hard work that you put into writing a compelling blog post can only pay off well if you get an eye on interesting blog topics. A good title is the one that can make a difference in the world. For instance, it will differ in the way that your post is widely shared across the internet or it receives little traction. You might produce an insightful post, but if its title does not entice people to click on it, no one can discover the wisdom that lies in it.

For content writers, finding a clickable topic is one of the hardest things. These handfuls of words are a marketing tool for your brand. So, writers look for the trending blog topics that users search on the internet. Such topics will not only increase engagement but also solidify your reputation as an industry expert.

If you also find it challenging to choose interesting topics for your website, then this article is meant to relieve your worry. Below are blog topic tips for content writers that will be irresistible to your website visitors.

5 Tips for Content Writers to Find Top Blog Topics

A blog title is the first part of the blog that the reader will see. Even any time when the reader shares your post on their social media account, its title is there to market your content further. So, a struggle to find an intriguing topic for your blog seems sound.

Moreover, as you define the importance of choosing an engaging topic for your blog post, it is similar to the case with your academic projects such as essays. Invest time in coming up with a good topic so that the reader can hold on to your write-up, considering it familiar. However, if you fail to implement it on your own due to a lack of expertise, then acquire essay writing help UK. These experts may not only introduce you to good topic ideas but also provide you with cohesively written papers.

Keep reading to learn the top ways that can be a ray of hope in the dark of ambiguity when choosing a good topic.

1. Learn the Popular Headline Formulas

People are likely to click on a headline if they are familiar with blog topics, no matter what the company is about and what services they are providing. All comes under notice later. So, using the headline formula to generate blog topic ideas will help create a sense of familiarity and trust for the reader. Hence, go through popular headlines to learn about people’s interests. Afterwards, write a good headline to entice the reader and make a title that highlights your brand.

2. Use Your Keyword Research

If you write blogs, you will already be aware of keyword research. If you, do it right, you will be able to come up with blogging topics that people want to read. It is all about what customers are looking for.

How Do I Choose an SEO Blog Topic?

Let’s take a look at how to choose SEO-friendly most popular blog topics. Here are the top tips.

  • Know your audience.
  • Know what your audience needs to choose from when choosing good blog topics.
  • Use keyword searching tools such as Keyword Explorer and SEMrush.
  • Know the niche you are passionate about, i.e., a blog post with numbered topic items, lifestyle blog topics, real estate blog topics, etc.

3. Appeal to Emotions

Engaging with the reader on an emotional level is an essential part of the play. By tapping into empathy, writers can trap the reader to foster a sense of relatability. A reader may only click on the post if blog topics align well with the emotions.

The use of words that invoke emotions, such as surprising, exclusively, delighted, etc., can be a good choice. It will play a significant role in customer acquisition and trap readers here to drive the sale. For instance, you may look to invoke the feeling of happiness or nostalgia to create a sense of urgency.

4. Conduct A/B Tests

Although it is a scientific experiment it can help choose the best topic for blog. You can run the test to identify the trends that your reader prefers to read. Here are the simple tips to achieve it.

  • Choose a blog post headline that you want to test.
  • Make a hypothesis.
  • Make at least two variations of the title.
  • Split the traffic evenly between different variants.
  • Check the test results.
  • Write winning blog topics.

Moreover, if you are struggling with conducting this scientific experiment to choose a topic for your academic projects such as essays, then instead of defining an ambiguous direction for your project, buy essay online from experts. These professionals can do this hard critical job that seems strenuous on your part.

5. Be Specific

Your blog topics are not supposed to be mysterious or abstract, which is meant to distract the reader from the track. Thanks to all the distractions or choices they face daily. To retain the reader, be specific about what you are trying to communicate. Here, give them a clear idea of what they are going to read in the blog post.

For instance, choosing the general topic idea “The therapeutic effects of kratom” does not define the direction. Rather writing it like “How kratom can be an ultimate cure to your depression or anxiety” is more specific to the context.

What Is a Good Blog Article?

A good blog article can compel the reader to take action. For instance, a blog is not about you but about the audience. Even if you are writing a breakup story, it still needs to be how the reader wants to read it. A successful blog is meant to help the audience to achieve what they want.


For many content writers, finding good and engaging blog topics is a real struggle. Even after they know the trends and updates, they don’t know which one to choose. We have given blog topic suggestions in the above guide to make the process easier for you.

If you are a university student who has just started writing blogs, remember that blogging is not meant to sacrifice your academic projects such as assignments, essays, dissertations, etc. The better you manage your academic integrity, the more insightful content you can present to the readers. However, if managing multiple websites does not help you find time to write your academic essays, then it is better to avail yourself of essay writing services. This is how your academic obligations will not be overlooked behind following your passion.

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