How to Disable ‘Notify Anyway’ on iPhone and iPad?

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With the introduction of the iPhone and iPad, Apple has revolutionised the way we use and interact with technology. One of the features that users often come across is the ‘Notify Anyway’ option which has been recently added to the new iPhone update. 

But what does notify anyway mean? In this comprehensive guide, we will tell you about the meaning of ‘Notify Anyway’ and how you can very easily disable the feature. 

What is the use of Notify Anyway?

‘Notify Anyway’ is a useful feature that allows users to receive notifications even when their device is in the Do Not Disturb mode. It is possible that the other person has enabled DND; however, notify anyway ignores the DND mode and ensures that users don’t miss out on critical information while maintaining their desired level of privacy and focus.

How Can you Enable And Disable ‘Notify Anyway’ on iPhone and iPad?

Enabling or disabling ‘Notify Anyway’ on your iPhone or iPad is a very simple process that you can very easily complete with the help of the instructions that we are mentioning here: 

  • Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad depending on the device that you are using.

  • Scroll down and tap on “Do Not Disturb”.

  • Under the “Silence” section, you need to locate the option “Allow Notifications From” and hit the same, 

  •  You will see a list of your contacts and apps. The default settings are set to “No One” or “Off”. 

  • Tap the desired contact or app to enable ‘Notify Anyway’ for that particular application. 

This is how you can enable notifications silenced notify anyway and to disable ‘Notify Anyway’ for a contact or app, you simply need to hit the “No One” or “Off” tabs.

It’s important to note that enabling ‘Notify Anyway’ for too many contacts or apps can end the use of the Do Not Disturb mode. 


Therefore, it is recommended to carefully select the contacts and apps for which you want to receive notifications while in Do Not Disturb mode.

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