Adiyogi Light Show Timings, Duration, Traffic, Yogeshwar Aarti & More

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Adiyogi light show is something that captivates travelers worldwide. Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu is known for various historic temples, museums, large zoological parks, and gardens. The Adiyogi Shiva statue in Bangalore is a must-honored treasure. It is one of the largest monuments in India. It is constructed to honor the reverenced Hindu god Lord Shiva. 

Who is Adiyogi?


A lot of people don’t know who is Adiyogi, actually. For their knowledge, Adiyogi is a modern saint and yogi Jaggi Vasudev who referred to Lord Shiva as the Adiyogi (Sadhguru). It is believed that Adiyogi was the first yogi to arrive on earth. Later, he imparts his knowledge on achieving nirvana. 


Also, he had seven adherents, referred to in Hindi literature as “Saptha Rishis”. He offered 112-way strategies that help people to realize their full potential. He added in his teachings that global transformation may be affected by personal transformation in the path of discovering one’s highest potential

Timings and Entry Fee


Right now, there is no entry fee to embrace the most delightful aspect of viewing the Adiyogi Shiva statue Bangalore. Visitors can roam around and soak in its spiritual aura without having a need to pay anything. 


But, there are parking charges which vary from each other according to the vehicle type: 


  • Bike: Rupees 20

  • Car: Rupees 50

  • Bus/Truck: Rupees 100



The Adiyogi Shiva statue welcomes visitordailyay. The regular timings for the Adiyogi light show are from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. However, please note that the timings may vary during special festivals and occasions. Also, on sacred days the management extends its hours and lets it remain open until the stroke of midnight. For instance, the sacred days are Purnima and Amavasya. 


Traffic situations can happen to anyone at any time. If someone is planning to reach there just on time, then they are advised to start their journey an hour or half an hour before. Due to traffic congestion, you may be stuck for 30–40 minutes easily, before reaching there.

How to Reach the Adiyogi Shiva Statue?


  • By Bus: From the Gandhipuram bus stop to the Dhyanalinga complex, it will take 45 minutes to reach the Adiyogi temple location by bus, and then one needs to walk for another 7 minutes to get to the statue.


  • By Car: From Coimbatore to Adiyogi by car, it takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. The actual location is 32 km from the Coimbatore bus station. 


  • By Air and Train: The location is 30 km away from the Coimbatore railway station, and 42 km from the Coimbatore airport.

Yogeshwar Aarti


Just after the Adiyogi Divya Darshanam there is an aarti of Yogeshwar Linga. It doesn’t take much time to complete, however, it’s a short-duration chanting of mantras.

Nearby Attractions


  • Dhyanalinga Temple 

  • Bethesda International Prayer Centre

  • Velliangiri Hills

  • Maruthamalai Marudhachalamurthy Temple

  • Gedee Car Museum


Believe it! The Adiyogi Divya Darshanam would be a spectacular experience. The visitors would drop the overthinking and enter a receptive state of awe or wonder.

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