How to Change/Correct Name on Air France Ticket

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Fee Structure: Name changes come with a fee, which varies based on the route and ticket type.

Ticket Rules: Some ticket types, such as group bookings and promotional fares, may not allow name changes. Local regulations can also impact change possibilities.

Timely Corrections: Ensure you make name changes before your flight departs to avoid last-minute hassles.

Check-in Restriction: Once checked in, you cannot alter your name.

Ownership Transfer: To change the name on a ticket, cancel it, then rebook it with the new passenger’s details.

Changes to Air France Tickets by Name

The Air France Name Change policy caters to various correction types:

Correction of Spelling Errors

Change of name due to Marriage or Divorce

Incomplete or Missing Middle Name

Note: Fraudulent name changes are strictly prohibited and may result in ticket cancellation and legal action.


Considerations for Travelers with No Middle or Last Name

If you lack a middle or last name, here are some important considerations to keep in mind:

For No Last Name
  • Contact Air France Representatives:
  • Inquire about the possibility of booking a ticket with only your first name.
  • Seek guidance on unique circumstances from Air France representatives

Use Your Mother’s or Father’s Last Name:

Provide Additional Identification:

For No Middle Name

Identification Purposes:


Personal Preference

How to Change Name on an Air France Ticket

Correcting name errors or making legal name changes involves two methods: online and via phone calls.

Air France Name Change Online:

Air France Name Change Via Phone Call:

Air France Name Change Fee
Air France imposes fees for name changes or corrections. The cost typically ranges from $20 to $50, depending on the reason and ticket type.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
How to correct the name on an Air France ticket?
Name corrections can be made online via the manage booking section or by calling Air France representatives.
How much does Air France charge for a name change?
The fee varies from $20 to $50, depending on the reason and ticket type.
Does Air France allow name changes?
No, major name changes are not permitted; only minor corrections and legal name changes are allowed.
Can I change my name on Air France due to marriage or divorce?
Yes, name changes due to marriage or divorce are allowed, provided supporting documents are submitted.

Does an Air France ticket allow flyers to transfer their ticket to another passenger’s name?

No, transferring a ticket to another passenger’s name is not allowed. A new booking must be made.
Can I book Air France flight tickets if I don’t have a last name?
Yes, travelers without a last name can book tickets. Using a parent’s last name or additional identification may be required.

Can I change my name on the Air France flight ticket after check-in?

According to Air France Name Change Policy, name changes cannot be made after check-in. Contact Air France for assistance.
Can I change my name on Air France promotional fare bookings?
No, name changes are generally not allowed for promotional fares.

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