How I Stopped Worrying About What Others Believe of Me

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“Live your lifetime for you not for anybody else. Never permit the dread of being judged, turned down or disliked quit you from being oneself.” ~Sonya Parker

On August 4, 2022, I buzzed off my prolonged, thick, luscious hair.

I marched up Sandy Boulevard in Portland, Oregon, walked into Acquire Delight Barbershop, and sat in the chair with the most badass barber. She quelled my past-minute fears and boldly took the clippers to my in no way-shorter-than-shoulder-duration hair.

It was immediate liberation.

I experienced ultimately worked up the courage to do so right after 4 several years of inside debate and fear, which went a little something like: What will people imagine? Will people consider I’m a gentleman? Will individuals handle me otherwise? What if I’m essentially unpleasant and my ugliness will be uncovered? What if my head is oddly formed? Will I have to don a bunch of make-up?

My worries and ideas were obviously steeped deep in societal conditioning about splendor and femininity. We are told that lengthy hair is feminine and wonderful. We are advised that youthful women of all ages are not meant to have short hair. We are advised that if you are a female with quick hair, be guaranteed to use makeup and jewellery so you appear feminine.

But I eventually stopped all the thinking, broke no cost from all those norms, and I just did it. I reported, “Off with the hair!”

And now I experience no cost-er, sexier, and prettier.

I truly feel extra like me.

It’s as if I get rid of levels that ended up actually hiding my genuine essence. My legitimate essence as an adventurous, empathic, sensual remaining who at times feels soft and tender, and other periods feels bold and badass. My legitimate essence as anyone who is cautious of regulations and authority.

It’s also as if I lose levels of my moi. Mainly because whether I like to admit it or not, my hair was a major piece of my identification as a girl. Hair is an expert communicator, with the potential to ship so quite a few messages as a result of a solitary look. Hair communicates gender, sexuality, prosperity, age, wellbeing, and components of our personality.

Now that I have lose my long hair, I consider the only aspect of me that is even now communicated via my hair is my identity. For a person can no lengthier seem at me and swiftly deduce my gender, sexuality, prosperity, age, or overall health. (I do have extremely toned muscle tissues and glowing skin, so individuals should be equipped to make an assumption about my health and fitness, but some individuals only see the brief hair and suppose I have most cancers).

What is communicated boldly is that I build and dwell by my very own principles. And if people today know 1 detail about me, THAT is exactly what I want them to know. 

My buzzed hair also lends an air of secret, as persons ponder about all of those other minimal check out bins (gender, wealth, age, etc.) that are ordinarily communicated by using hair.

When I did lose some layers of my ego, my buzzed head also makes a quite potent statement, and in complete transparency, I get a great deal of awareness. This focus comes in all sorts.

Sometimes it’s “Excuse me sir…oh! I mean ma’am.”

In some cases it is “You need to have to put on lipstick to search extra feminine.” (Who said I preferred to search additional female?!)

Other periods it is “Omg, you’re so beautiful” or “I Love your hair.”

Often I get cost-free guac.

I get a large amount of smiles from passersby on the sidewalk.

I get a whole lot of lingering appears at the article workplace, the espresso store, and the dance floor.

And even though I do love to be termed wonderful (who doesn’t?!), I never connect myself to the praise or the criticism mainly because I have resolved for myself that I am solid, radiant, and stunning, from the inside of out. I no lengthier care if people today assume I look masculine or female, unpleasant, or lovely. I do not treatment if men and women in Idaho think I have cancer. I do not care if individuals consider I look like a skinny boy devoid of make-up on. (What’s completely wrong with wanting like a skinny boy?!)

This amount of not caring, of currently being so confident in who I am, is the best independence. 

Plus, I know that when people respond one particular way or the other, it is not definitely about me and my hair. Their reaction indicates that I activated one thing within them. I activated their wish to be no cost and to quit next the procedures that someone else laid out for them.

In the most effective situations, I offer other folks a little authorization slip to step into their possess boldness. Which is just one of my preferred elements of buzzed life—when ladies convey to me I have encouraged them to buzz their extended hair! That they were being so worried about what people would feel, but just after seeing me do it, they now have the braveness far too. That is potent.

So though the hairstyle of a person woman may well look like a very simple and insignificant thing, it basically performs a little but essential role in the liberation and empowerment of gals.

For when a girl has the braveness to force again in opposition to elegance benchmarks, that bravery is ignited, and she also develops the courage to opt for freedom in other aspects of her lifetime as properly. 

For me, that has seemed like much more sexual freedom—making me far more playful in bed and bolder in sharing my desires—and more self confidence in all places of my lifestyle.

Buzzing my hair has also established a lot more time in my lifestyle, as I expend considerably less time obtaining completely ready. It is made more psychological space, as I no lengthier shell out inordinate amounts of time pondering about how to style my hair, when to wash it, and irrespective of whether or not to get it highlighted.

It has also freed up more dollars since I no more time expend hundreds of bucks on highlights and cuts. My fiancé buzzes my hair at house and, once in a while, I bleach it myself.

It’s also led to liberty in how I gown. Sometimes I like to costume to categorical my femininity. Other instances, I dress to categorical my masculinity. As a person who employed to be deeply insecure about her tomboy-ish-ness and deficiency of desire to dress in make-up, I have reclaimed the masculine parts of me with delight, which has been an integral part of my therapeutic and growth journey.

It has also deepened my sensuality. In the shower, the h2o massages my head a lot more intimately. On a summer months day, the solar kisses me deeply. On a breezy early morning, the wind and I dance a graceful dance. On the dance floor, the softness of my fiancé’s lips activates my crown chakra. I sense significantly less separation between the world and me. I am far more integrated. I am a lot more mindful of my oneness with the natural entire world.

Yes, all of this simply because of my buzzed hair!

So I’ll depart you with a couple parting phrases of wisdom:

1. Individuals are heading to chat and have an belief about you no matter what, so you may possibly as properly do what you want and be who you want.

2. Others’ thoughts of you seriously have additional to do with them than they do with you, so really do not choose things also personally and problem oneself first and foremost with your feeling of you.

3. If you want to excitement your head, do it. If you don’t like it, it’ll increase back. But I wager you will like it!

So here’s to getting motion to dwell as a more no cost, wild, and confident you!


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