How can we check silver quality in India?

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Silver, with its gleaming elegance and enduring charm, has captivated hearts for centuries. In India, silver ornaments and artifacts hold a special place in our cultural heritage, symbolizing prosperity, beauty, and auspiciousness. However, with the prevalence of imitation and adulterated silver, understanding how to check silver quality has become crucial for informed purchases.

Hallmarking: The Hallmark of Purity

In India, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) mandates hallmarking for silver articles above a certain weight. Hallmarking is an official assurance of silver purity, akin to a stamp of authenticity. The BIS hallmark consists of four components:

BIS Mark: A triangle with a dot inside, representing the Bureau of Indian Standards.

Purity Grade: A number indicating the percentage of pure silver in the alloy. Common grades include 925 (92.5% pure silver), 835 (83.5% pure silver), and 900 (90% pure silver).

Assaying Center Mark: A unique code identifying the assaying center that tested the silver.

Year of Hallmarking: A two-digit number indicating the year of hallmarking.

Visual Inspection: Unveiling Silver’s True Nature

Even without hallmarking, there are telltale signs that can hint at silver purity:

Color: Pure silver has a bright, white shine. Avoid items with a dull, yellowish or blackish appearance.

Texture: Pure silver is smooth and feels heavy for its size. Imitation silver may feel lighter and rough.

Magnetism: Pure silver is not magnetic. If a magnet sticks to the silver, it’s likely an alloy with a high proportion of iron or other magnetic metals.

Acid Test: This method involves applying a touchstone and a reagent like nitric acid. If the acid leaves a green mark, the silver is likely impure.

Sound Test: Tapping pure silver produces a clear, ringing sound. A dull thud may indicate a lower silver content.

Additional Tips for Savvy Silver Buyers

Reputed Dealers: Patronize established and trustworthy jewelers with a proven track record of quality.

Bills and Receipts: Always demand proper bills and receipts, including details of the silver’s purity and weight.


Seek Expertise: If unsure, consult a professional appraiser or gemologist for a thorough assessment.

Online Purchases: Buy silver jewelry manufacturer India online with caution. Check the seller’s credentials and return policy before making a purchase.

Price Considerations: While price isn’t the sole indicator of purity, be wary of exceptionally low prices, as they may signal subpar quality.


By arming yourself with knowledge and employing these simple yet effective methods, you can confidently navigate the world of silver purchases, ensuring that your precious acquisitions retain their timeless beauty and enduring value. Remember, silver’s allure lies not just in its sparkle but also in its authenticity, and making informed choices guarantees that your silver treasures will continue to radiate elegance and grace for generations to come.

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