Here’s How to Eliminate QuickBooks Error PS038 Quickly

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Did QuickBooks error PS038 prevent you from getting payroll updates or sending a paycheck? 

PS038 is encountered when trying to start or download a new version of payroll services. Error PS038 can also appear when sending a paycheck to your clients or employees and remain stuck as ‘Online to Send.’ You must rapidly fix QuickBooks error PS038 if you want to access and use your payroll services again. We’re publishing a thorough explanation of this error on this blog, including potential causes and workable fixes. Therefore, be sure to finish reading and applying this guide’s advice. 

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Possible Reasons Why Error Code PS038 is Encountered 

The following factors cause error code PS038 and interrupt the payroll operations: 

  • The QuickBooks Desktop might not be updated to the most recent version. 

  • Your company file is either corrupted or damaged, which triggers error PS038. 

  • The incorrect information in paycheck can also prevent you from sending a paycheck and being stuck to ‘Online to Send.’

Applicable Solutions to Eliminate QuickBooks Error Code PS038

Follow the solutions as mentioned below to eliminate error code PS038 quickly: 

Note: First, get the newest version of the QuickBooks Desktop. If that doesn’t resolve this error, use the troubleshooting solutions to fix the ongoing error. 

Solution 1: Identify and Recover the Stuck Paycheck 

  • Select the ‘Edit’ menu and then ‘Find.’

  • Move to the ‘Advanced’ tab in the pop-up window. 

  • Click on the ‘Choose Filter’ option, and from the list, select ‘Detail Level.’

  • Select the detail type as ‘Summary Only.’

  • Move back to the ‘Filter list,’ select ‘Online Status,’ and then ‘Online to Send.’

  • Further, from the options, select ‘Find,’ it will show a list of paychecks that weren’t sent to Intuit. 

  • Note the paycheck information and retry to send it by entering this information on a new paycheck.  

If your paychecks were not stuck, move to the next solution to get this error fixed. 

Solution 2: Run the Verify and Rebuild Data Utility 


Using the given steps will help you find and fix the data damaged in the company file: 

Step 1: Verify the Company Data 

  • Click on the ‘File’ menu. 

  • From the dropdown, go to ‘Utilities.’ Further from Utilities, click on ‘Verify Data.’ 

  • If a pop-up appears, ‘QuickBooks detected no problem with your data,’ then select ‘OK.’ 

  • If the Verify tool finds an issue with your data, you will be prompted to ‘Rebuild Now’ and ‘View Errors.’  

Step 2: Rebuild the Damaged Data

  • Return to the ‘Utilities’ menu and then select ‘Rebuild Data.’ 

  • Further, an information window will appear; click ‘OK.’ 

  • While running the rebuild tool, a pop-up can display with ‘QuickBooks is not responding, but your cursor is moving, meaning rebuild is still ongoing. 

  • When the rebuilding process for your data has been completed, select ‘OK.’ 

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This guide explains why QuickBooks error PS038 appeared and how you can fix it. To get further guidance, dial +18557380359 and get in touch with the customer support team. 

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