Designer Classics At Unbeatable Prices: OurFurniture’s Classic Modern Collection

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Are you looking to infuse your living space with timeless elegant mid-century sofas, tables, and mid century chairs for sale? Look no further! We’re about to introduce you to a treasure trove of iconic furniture pieces. OurFurniture is an online store with a remarkable Classic Modern Collection. Let’s look at some of their showstopping pieces that are sure to make a statement in any home.

1949 Protractor 98″ Desk: A Modernist Marvel

One of the standout pieces in OurFurniture’s collection is the 1949 Protractor 98″ Desk, a true modernist masterpiece. This desk was originally designed by the Italian architect and designer Carlo Mollino in 1949, and it’s a symbol of modernist writing desks. Its construction is a work of art with a thick glass plate resting on raised stainless steel support buttons, providing a stunning writing surface. The desk boasts a unique design with hardwood beams floating off the surface, supported by stainless steel bolt sleeves. There’s also an open-faced single pull-out drawer offering complete transparency. The result? A faithful replication of a design masterpiece with a dazzling shiny finish.

CH25 Easy Chair: A Fusion of Comfort and Danish Design

OurFurniture’s CH25 Easy Chair provides the ultimate comfort. This Danish-inspired mid century modern armchair seamlessly blends into any modern or traditional setting. Crafted with solid ash wood and hand-woven paper cord, this chair is a true testament to exquisite craftsmanship. The adjustable backrest and broad armrests ensure a relaxing experience, making it an ideal choice for long hours of lounging.

Curved Boucle Sofa Fabric: A Touch of 70’s Aesthetics

Reimagine your living room with the Curved Boucle Sofa Fabric, a creation by the talented Australian designer Anthony Spon-Smith. This sofa provided by OurFurniture has soft curves, solid wooden legs, and the unparalleled comfort of high-density foam cushions. The boucle fabric not only adds a unique texture but also elevates the overall aesthetic of your space. Its handcrafted framework and sturdy build ensure both durability and a sense of serenity.

At OurFurniture, quality is paramount. Each piece from the collection, whether it is a small round marble dining table, or a classic mid-century sofa is meticulously crafted with the finest materials.

So, why wait? Elevate your home with these timeless, affordable, and sophisticated pieces from OurFurniture’s Classic Modern Collection, and make a statement that stands the test of time.

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