AAC Blocks and their Benefits

What is AAC block?

AAC Blocks are also known as Autoclaved Aerated Concrete blocks. It is fast replacing traditional bricks in the construction industry. Compared with regular bricks, AAC blocks are lighter and easier to handle. Both internal and exterior construction can be done using it. AAC blocks were designed and invented by Dr. Johan Axel Eriksson and a professor named Henrik Kreuger during the 1920s in Sweden, and they patented the product in 1924.


Features of the AAC block

In building materials, AAC blocks are the most functional innovation. Those are created using sand, lime, aluminium powder, gypsum, and fly ash. While compared to regular and concrete bricks, it attracts less heat. Due to its size, you can construct your property rapidly, and it is light and easy to cut.


Difference between AAC blocks and regular bricks

Usually, AAC blocks are larger than regular bricks. While compared to bricks, it ensures better durability and sound and heat insulation. Most people are confused about concrete bricks and AAC blocks. AAC blocks are different from concrete bricks. Concrete bricks are made up with cement and sand, but AAC blocks are not concrete bricks. For instance, you can place a single AAC (9-inch) block instead of 14 red bricks.


Benefits of using AAC blocks


Made with Eco-friendly Materials

AAC blocks are a green building material compact, strong, portable, and thermally insulating. It is created from non-toxic, recycled industrial waste and consumes less energy than other building materials.


Fire Resistance


AAC blocks are fire-resistant; depending on the thickness of the block, they can withstand flames for up to six hours.


Soundproof Performance

AAC blocks are soundproof and have superior sound insulation features, which is one of the reasons why they are widely demanded in the construction industry.


Help to construct faster

AAC blocks are easy to use, making the construction process faster. It has fewer joints and consistent dimensions, and facilitates easy installation and flexibility.



AAC blocks are a great choice for construction because they will last a long time. Those are reliable building materials and they have enormous market potential in India. AAC blocks are well suited for different applications and construction projects because of their specific features. If you’re looking to construct your home with AAC Blocks, then Magna Green Building Materials is the best choice for you to fulfil your construction material requirements. Please visit www.magnagreen.in for more information.


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