A List of Most Asked Questions for WhatsApp Automation!

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You may have a lot of questions about Whatsapp Automation. WhatsApp automation is not a big deal. It is simply an app that can help you enhance engagement, connection, and interaction opportunities during your on-ground event. Furthermore, you can provide your audience with a space where they can make a better experience.


However, it is normal as everyone has a lot of queries about new technology. Hence, here is a guide blog for you where you can find various answers to all the questions related to WhatsApp Automation. So, without further ado, let’s unerstnd WhatsApp automation better with the top questions asked by the experts.


10 Most Asked Questions for WhatsApp Automation!


10 Most common questions that will be helpful in resolving your query without hassle for WhatsApp automation are as follows:


  1. How Can I Get Paid, Unpaid, or Invite Based Event Registration on WhatsApp?


You can create a event registration page where all your audience can reach and register to provide some demographic information. Furthermore, you can provide online & on-spot registration via Whatsapp for events so your audience does not have to stand in a long queue to register and attend an event. Hence, it is a completely paperless solution that gives full control to organizers with live stats.


  1. How Can I Manage RSVP and Get Confirmation over WhatsApp?


You can take various presence confirmations with WhatsApp business automation. Furthermore, you will get the option to send a direct invite or to collect a confirmation. Also, you can manage RSVP management effectively with QR code-based Digital Invite on WhatsApp. Hence, your audience can scan the QR and register, and log in without hassle. You can add invites and guest list management on the go over the mobile phone with WhatsApp. Additionally, you can manage +1 with the guest live at the event seamlessly.


  1. How Can I Manage Event Ticketing with WhatsApp?


You can create QR-based tickets for your audience online with Whatsapp Business APIs for events. Furthermore, it will be a non-transferable personalized M-Badges with initials & photos. Hence, you can use it at the time of entry at the event. Moreover, you can get easy reconciliation without leakage and pilferage. So, the audience will receive booking receipts over Email, SMS, and WhatsApp with QR code-based digital tickets on WhatsApp without hassle.


  1. How Can I Share Various Event Updates and Announcements Over WhatsApp?


You can use the push notification feature to share various essential information with your audience. Furthermore, you can send images, infographics, videos, product description videos, files, pdfs, documents, and more. Rich media in your message can enhance the effectiveness of your notification. Also, you can save time and effort in sharing various answers. WhatsApp automation provides adding Custom-replies for frequently asked questions.



  1. How Can I Build Recall And Boost Sales with WhatsApp Automation?


You will get the complete Database marketing option with WhatsApp automation. Furthermore, you can set up one-time or recurring campaigns based on customer attributes & events. Hence, you can send Non-transactional messages for instance discounts & offers, back-in-stock alerts, and more. Also, WhatsApp automation provides you the complete freedom to monitor campaign performance stats. For instance, you can know the no. of messages Sent, Delivered, Read & Replied to. This way, you can create more seamless management for your campaigns and database.


  1. How Can I Engage Online And On-Ground Audiences with WhatsApp?


You can create in-person events but always worry about the engagement elements. Hence, you can conduct live polls over WhatsApp to keep your audience engaged throughout the event. Also, you can monitor campaign performance stats like the number of messages Sent, Delivered, Read & Replied to. This way, you can invite the audience to ask questions directly via WhatsApp to connect with the event moderator.


  1. Will I Be Able to Take Feedback Over WhatsApp?


It is important to know how your audience felt at your event. Hence, you need to take feedback even in an on-ground event. So, you can use WhatsApp to take constructive feedback from customers. Furthermore, you can understand how much your audience liked or disliked your event to make better decisions in your next event. Hence, you have to create different feedback forms for both sessions based as well as event-based. You can take a review after every session during the event or take feedback after the entire event at once.


  1. Will It Be Beneficial to Offer Expert Support Over WhatsApp?


Yes, of course! You can offer Customer Support at Scale on WhatsApp as it will be easy and more beneficial. Furthermore, you can manage 1000s of customer conversations with ease via WhatsApp Business APIs. Hence, your audience will be motivated to come again to your brand as they will be getting solutions for all the problems they face.


  1. How to Transform Conversations by Automating Event Communication?


You can create a great Whatsapp journey automation for your audience. Furthermore, you can send regular updates with a twist to all your users. It will be beneficial to create a proper connection and relationship with your attendees from start to end. Hence, you can add automated messages over various touchpoints in the event.


  1. How to Manage E-Commerce, Sell Event Merchandise, and D2C with WhatsApp?


You can enable real-time team collaboration with conversation labels and private notes. Furthermore, you will be able to assign and re-assign chats for better customer service. Also, you can organize your contacts and chats using smart cards, labels, tags & private notes to access them with ease. Hence, you have to give live support to your event audience over the official event WhatsApp number.




So, these are the various questions most asked about the WhatsApp automation APIs for events. Furthermore, you can get answers to all your queries here making your in-person event more seamless and better for your attendees. It will create a better understanding of WhatsApp automation as well as you will be able to decide whether you want it for your event or not.



Hope, you will find this article beneficial in getting all the answers to your queries about WhatsApp automation. 

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