A Complete Guide About The Documents Required For A Perfect Schengen Visa Application

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Are you planning your summer vacation at a new destination this year? Do not worry; we have brought a complete guide for visa application and submission of mandatory documents. All you need to know about submitting documents, the right time to apply for dummy travel insurance for Schengen visa and prepare for the final call. You will find your answers and guide here, so keep reading!

Planning a trip is an exciting thing one could do. But the process may seem tiring if you get stuck in visa processing. And people give up on their vacations and visa applications. If you want to avoid being among one of them, follow the guidelines. 

Guide About Making Visa Application Perfect 

An applicant needs to learn how to submit the documents, what documents are necessary and when they need to submit additional documents like dummy travel insurance for visa, hotel booking and flight itinerary etc. 

You will find here:

  • Mandatory documents for visa application

  • What things to consider before submitting documents?

  • When is the right time to book dummy documents?

  • How to prepare for the interview? 

Brief Guide About All Visa Application Factors

You would want to obtain the visa immediately. And to do so, you must prepare everything in advance for the visa application. However, preparing for the visa application and to stand out in visa processing is relatively easy. You must learn and prepare for the visa application by referring to the right source. 

Mandatory Documents For Visa Application

First of all, let us share with you the core of the visa application, that is, the documents.

  • Valid Passport

  • Recent photos

  • Visa application form and fees

  • Flight tickets

  • Dummy travel insurance for visa

  • Dummy hotel booking

  • Cover Letter

  • Proof of sufficient funds and

  • NOC Letter (required for student and work visa).

What Things To Consider Before Submitting Documents?

Submitting documents for a visa application is important and must be submitted carefully. Before submitting your documents, we advise you to read all your documents and check the correct information. If anything requires to be renewed, do it before submitting them. For example, check for the renewal dates of the passports and identity cards.

If you have to submit your educational or work documents, check for their verification. Since your visa application will be under processing, prepare the dummy documents like tickets, travel insurance and hotel booking. Keep them ready and submit them along with the visa application.

When Is The Right Time To Book Dummy Documents?

The right time to book dummy documents is when you are about to submit your visa application, and all the other mandatory documents are ready to be submitted. The validity of dummy documents is for fifteen days. These documents include a hotel booking, travel medical insurance and flight reservation for visa application.Therefore, you have to plan, organise documents and submit them carefully. Then, the applicant can purchase dummy documents at half price. Once the visa is approved, the applicant can convert the dummy documents into original documents. 

How To Prepare For The Interview?

Before obtaining a visa, the final step of visa application is to appear for an interview. It is one of the most important stages of visa application that the applicant must qualify for. Therefore, the applicant must appear for the interview on time, answer the questions carefully, and there should be no ambiguity while responding to the visa officer. 

An interview before the visa application is for the visa officer to learn more about the applicant’s plans. Also, it gives the applicant a chance to familiarise the visa officer with their ability to obtain the visa. 

Now that you have read all the steps necessary for a perfect Schengen visa application, apply now and explore Schengen area.

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