6 Reasons to Upgrade to an Ultra-Wide Monitor

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Switching to an ultrawide monitor might be a good idea. Even though they have fantastic looks, is an ultrawide the ideal choice for your setup? Ultrawide monitors are very popular these days. They can be found on a gamer’s desk, at a business professional’s workspace, or in a filmmaker’s WFH setup.


These ultra-wide monitors are significantly wider than what you’re used to, some measuring an enormous 49 inches. For reference, the majority of standard-size monitors range in size from 22 to 27 inches. Why then would you consider financing such a titan? 


In this article, let’s examine the seven reasons to upgrade your PC to an ultrawide display. Before that, we need to understand what an ultra-wide monitor is.


What is an Ultra-Wide Monitor?


A 21:9 aspect ratio monitor is referred to as an ultrawide monitor. This contrasts with the common 16:9 aspect ratio used by most monitors and televisions.


They are often about the same height but are noticeably wider than normal models.


They were first created as a result of the rise in popularity of dual monitor setups. Similar functionality is offered by an ultrawide monitor in a single device.


7 Reasons to Upgrade to an Ultra-Wide Monitor


1: Offer Immersive Gaming


It’s a common misconception that ultrawide monitors were designed exclusively for video games. A curved monitor provides unrivaled immersion and may even allow you to see more of the game’s action. The discrepancy particularly jumps out in first-person shooters. 


Some gamers think that using ultrawide monitors improves their gaming experience. The fact that many ultrawide monitors have slower refresh rates should be noted.


2: Increased Productivity


This display includes several productivity-boosting features to give you more freedom in your daily work. 


  • The first is a USB-C docking station that is already embedded into the display, making it simple to attach all of your peripherals. A thin, USB-C cable that is reversible can be used to connect your notebook to this display as well. 


  • The second feature is MultiView technology intended to expand your connectivity. Active dual connect and view, which allows you to work on several devices like your PC and laptop at once, is perfect for complicated multitasking.


  • The next feature is the integrated MultiClient KVM switch, which is built-in to help you master every work. This function allows you to switch between two sources easily by pressing a simple button.


3: Work Great for Audio and Video-Editing


The extra space on an ultrawide monitor is located on the horizontal axis. This helps with multitasking and has a benefit in editing programs that employ a timeline.


 A timeline, which displays an audio or video’s development from start to finish, is often arranged horizontally down the lower half of an app. More of the timeline can be shown at once because of the increased space provided by an ultrawide. 


This makes it easier to keep track of the progress of a big project and eliminates the need to constantly navigate back and forth while editing. 


4: Worth For Watching Movie


On an ultrawide display, especially one with a 21:9 aspect ratio, there is nothing quite like viewing an action-packed movie. To create a more immersive experience, the movie frequently takes up the entire large screen. 


It resembles visiting a movie theatre in certain ways. The immersiveness is greatly increased because most ultrawide monitors are curved. The majority of people use these monitors for PC gaming, though watching films on such a large screen can be a lot of fun.


5: Best for Multitasking


An ultrawide monitor can replace the requirement for two monitors side by side while still giving you enough screen room to multitask in split-screen mode, much as how twin monitor setups work. 


Also, the inconvenience of a bezel gap between two monitors placed next to one another is gone. If your job frequently demands you to consult enormous spreadsheets or emails, a superwide screen will revolutionize your level of productivity. 


6: USB-C Port


Nowadays, USB-C is practically ubiquitous. everything from computers to vacuums. Whether it’s an ultrabook or a powerhouse, every laptop now includes a USB-C port if you use one with an external monitor. 


It’s wonderful that nearly all ultrawide displays come with both a USB-C and a non-USB-C connector option. With just one connection, USB-C ultrawide monitors may provide display, data transfer, and power delivery to your laptop.


It gives customers the freedom to decide on and fix the sizes of the various windows on their large screens. 


Final Words


Only purchase an ultra-wide display if you believe you would benefit from it; not everyone will. There is no reason to upgrade if you are completely satisfied with your present setup. Then go ahead and spend the money if you believe that having additional screen space will increase your productivity, gaming or movie enjoyment, or general use.


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