Which Planet Gives A Happy Married Life?

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If you are looking for the best planet that gives you a happy married life, then this article will help you with different planets and their combinations.

Getting married is like setting off on a somewhat familiar but ultimately mysterious path through life. During this time, you will lay the groundwork for the rest of your life by establishing the most solid foundation possible. Finding the proper companion may make the stressful process rewarding. There may be difficult times, but you won’t let them get you down until you release your hold on them. After all, nothing worthwhile ever comes easily.

Vedic astrology offers Vedic treatments, so it’s a safe bet to turn to it if you and your spouse don’t match up in horoscope matching and are worried about your married life. You may learn more about the planetary influences on your marital life and how they connect to your horoscope via the remedies that are associated with your planetary positions. If you want to discover how to fix marital troubles, Vedic astrology can tell you which planets are to blame.

Combination Of Planets That Gives A Happy Married Life

When analyzing a relationship, the planets Venus and Moon play the most important roles. Venus rules romance and sexual compatibility, whereas the Moon decides the intensity of a relationship. Below are some of the best combinations of planets that will give you a happy married life.

  • 1st Combination:

One of the best combinations for a happy married life is when Venus and Jupiter are nicely situated in a person’s horoscope in the first, fifth, seventh, ninth, and eleventh house. In this case, the first house symbolizes the individual, the fifth house represents love, the seventh house represents a life partner, the ninth house indicates the good fortune that comes from being married, and the eleventh house represents the realization of one’s dreams.

  • 2nd Combination: 

Marital bliss is on the horizon with a favorable Mahadasha and a robust 7th house. If a person’s Lagna is in Capricorn and the Moon is exalted in Taurus as the 7th house lord, then Venus will have strong positions in the first, second, fourth, fifth, and eleventh houses, and the Mahadasha of Venus will bestow a happy marriage on that person.

  • 3rd Combination: 

A native’s marital life will be fortunate if Jupiter is aspecting the 7th house or its ruler. In addition, the individual will be blessed with the best possible married life and much more good fortune if an auspicious Mahadasha is happening. If a person’s natal chart shows Cancer as Lagna and Jupiter, ruler of the ninth house, exalted in Lagna and aspects the seventh house, it portends a Yoga that will make married life enjoyable. Jupiter in Lagna in exaltation also indicates a harmonious marital life when the Jupiter Mahadasha is active.

  • 4th Combination: 

A prosperous marriage is indicated by Venus in the 5th house or when it is exalted in a person’s horoscope, however, this is only true if the lord of the 7th house is powerful in their horoscope.

  • 5th Combination: 

It portends marriage into a powerful and honorable family if the individual’s second and fourth houses are strong. In this case, the second house represents one’s private life, while the fourth house represents one’s marital relationships. If a person’s Mahadasha is favorable—that is, if their Lagna is Libra and Saturn is in Libra in their 4th house—and if the Mahadasha is of Lord Saturn, then a happy marriage is always a possibility.

  • 6th Combination: 

When the lords of the second, fourth, and seventh houses are powerful, it’s a sign that marital life is happy. Life as a married person goes swimmingly when the lords of the second, fourth, and seventh houses are all in a favorable place and powerful Mahadasha happens.

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  • 7th Combination: 

Planets Saturn, Ketu, Rahu, and any other malefic aspect to the 7th house lord is a bad omen. Married life is seen as the most fortunate if the lord of the 7th house is in a good position and aspected by Jupiter.

Wrapping Up

When people have problems deciphering these astrological expressions, they often wonder what these words mean and if they are necessary for a good marital life. Therefore, if you are seeking solutions to your problem, consult with professionals who are knowledgeable astrologers with years of experience in the field and can answer any question you may have. Moreover, feel free to talk to an astrologer on call through the Contact Us option.

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