What type of Covid test is required for Qatar Airways?

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For travelling during the pandemic with Cheap Qatar Airways flights, passengers were required to submit a valid test certificate for a negative Covid-19 result. Otherwise, anyone was not allowed to board the plane. For this reason, the airline had a very strict monitoring phase to filter out all the passengers who either did not undergo a COVID-19 test or were positive for the virus.

In this regard, different testing techniques and methods were utilized by the airlines. Some opted for a PCR testing technique while others also utilized the Rapid Antigen Test. However, the most reliable and widely accepted result was a PCR test.

Here’s what you should know about the type of Covid-19 test required for Qatar Airways.

1. PCR Test:

A PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test is a type of molecular diagnostic technique that detects the presence of the virus’s genetic material in a respiratory sample of the person, either obtained from a nasal or throat swab.

The PCR test is considered one of the most reliable and accurate methods for diagnosing COVID-19. Qatar Airways, like many international airlines, accepted PCR test results as part of their pre-travel COVID-19 testing requirements for this reason.


The timing of the PCR test was important to consider for your flight departure date. This is because passengers need to take the PCR test in time such that their test results remain valid for their entire course of flight, whether travelling directly or through connecting flights. Though the exact timing requirements may vary by destination and the airline’s policies, they commonly range from 48 hours to 72 hours before departure.

A PCR test that was older than that was not eligible to be submitted.

Negative Test Result:

To board the plane, passengers needed to make sure that their PCR test result was negative for COVID-19. If a test comes out positive for a person, he/she is not allowed to fly with the airline. That’s why Qatar Airways made it mandatory for passengers to present an official medical certificate or test document from a recognized testing facility, indicating the negative PCR test result of the passenger.


It was essential to have the appropriate documentation for your PCR test result for Covid-19. It should indicate the;

  • Time and date of testing.
  • The name of the testing facility.
  • Type of test conducted (PCR)
  • Passenger’s information matching their travel documents.
  • A printed copy of the test result.

Testing Facilities:

To maintain a safety standard as well as offer convenience for the passengers, airlines specified different testing facilities to get their PCR test done. As a result, DIY or self-administered tests were generally not accepted for travel purposes.

Additional Requirements:

In addition to the PCR test, some destinations also required passengers to meet other specific health and safety requirements. For instance;

  • Completing health declaration forms.
  • Providing contact information for contact tracing.
  • Adhering to quarantine or isolation measures upon arrival.

2. Rapid Antigen Test:

The Rapid Antigen testing techniques involve detecting specific proteins on the virus’s surface. Only some airlines accept this type of test for travel, which is also subject to its specific testing timings, requirements and results for travel.

Qatar Airways only required the PCR test for COVID-19 and not the rapid antigen test. You can get all the latest information regarding the matter at Qatar Airways manage booking.

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