Possible Tips | What to Do If Popcorn Kernel Stuck in Throat

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Many snacks are enjoyed at a movie night with friends, including popcorn. Eating popcorn daily increases the chance of getting the kernel stuck. It can lead to a terrible event where a popcorn kernel is stuck in the throat. Sometimes, it touches like the lining as it won’t ever get out. To remove it, you are required to drink plenty of liquids. If it doesn’t work, try eating food. So, there are multiple methods for getting popcorn unstuck from the throat. The popcorn should not stay inside the throat. Otherwise, it can result in swelling.

Popcorn Kernel Stuck in Throat

Various methods function to get a popcorn kernel stuck in the throat. Look for the best option!

Sip a glass of soda water

If you finish with a popcorn kernel stuck in your throat, instantly drink soda water. The kind of liquid still matters, like soda water. Likewise, the goal is to wash the kernel out fast. Try leaning the chin downwards toward the chest and swallow vigorously.

You may not know soda drinks are better suited. Just drinking the liquid may not be sufficient to free the kernel. Be careful and sip soda and try gargling it. It can be harmful if the soda liquid finds its way up to the nose.

Effervescent drugs

An effervescent drug helps break down food particles in the throat. It includes Alka-Seltzer. Such drugs liquefy when mixed with a fluid. Like soda, when dissolving, their bubbles help oxidize the food and have pressure to dislodge it.

Similarly, medicines that treat flatulence make it easier for the stomach to have gas. This gas raises the pressure in the esophagus and pushes the food out. Remember to follow the standard dose advised on the packet.

Try any hard food

If the popcorn kernel stuck in the throat is not eased by liquid, move to hard foods. Take a piece of hard bun, like the Italian ones. Firstly, break off a big chunk. The portions of bread must be tiny enough to ingest. Swallow the pieces of croissant without munching.

It can catch the popcorn and force it down the throat. Some people recommend doing the same with more significant pieces of tortillas. Further, the tortillas are usually sturdy enough to push the kernel out. It is often suggested to eat cereal or even sticky rice. 

Swallow a few soft foods

If hard foods do not release the popcorn shell from the throat, try eating some softer foods. These are secure to eat in significant amounts, and some help alleviate throat irritation. Moreover, many soft foods focus on driving the kernel out. It includes mashed potatoes, peanut butter, and smashed bananas.

Like, eating ice cream may help alleviate any irritation. When using such foods to get a popcorn kernel out, take a gigantic bite and eat without chewing. The thickness of the fare should push the cover out.

Wait for it out

Food attached to the throat usually washes independently, giving some time. Give the body the possibility to do on its own. It is because after you eat a medicine, it feels stuck. This sense usually fades within 30 to 60 minutes if you consume liquids or eat a piece of bread. Further, most ingested objects pass through the digestive tract without any issue and occur in the stool within seven days.


The edibles that are stuck can be rough and irritating. If this occurs repeatedly, talk with your medic about possible underlying reasons. Be cautious while eating popcorn. This is because a popcorn kernel stuck in the throat can be very risky.


Avoid the emergency room by treating yourself with carbonated drinks or other treatments at home. Be alert when eating popcorn kernels in the future. Never eat too quickly and take small bites in such cases.

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