Job Interview Etiquette: 10 Tips to Impress Employers

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Are you preparing for your next big interview? Whether you are a newbie in the job market or an expert senior, these 10 interview etiquettes can help you sail through any kind of interview easily. So grab your coffee and prepare your notes while we disclose the top tips to impress employers. Are you ready to rock your next job interview? Let’s begin.

Research and Research: Uncover the Future Workplace

The first important step before an interview is to always research about the company. Get to know more about their social media presence, Twitter, Facebook and especially LinkedIn profiles as well. Go beneath the surface to find hidden gems such as the mission, culture, and future objectives of the company. Every new finding improves your knowledge of your future workplace and helps you match your goals with its mission. The more you know about the company the more you will have the potential to get selected.

Body Language Talks:  Strut Your Stuff with Confidence

Maintaining a confident posture through your body language is important. Make sure your body language conveys confidence, keep your eyes open, and give a solid handshake. These nonverbal indicators show that you are prepared to take on any task and leave a good impression. While taking an interview avoid slouching, weak handshakes, avoiding eye contact, fidgeting, crossing arms, not smiling, or adopting overly dominant postures.

Greet & Repeat: Leave a Lasting Impression

Show the interviewer that you are a professional and polite person when you meet them. Shake hands firmly and show that you are genuinely interested in the opportunity. Remember you are not just meeting your recruiter, you are meeting your future ally or colleague. Besides the formality, you can ask your recruiter about their day and something they would like to tell you about themselves. This is a way of extending communication on both ends which reflects a positive attitude and politeness.

Show Your Passion: Beyond Employment & Salary

We all appreciate a great job with a good salary. However, what’s beyond this which motivates you to work in that job role, that company and in the particular work culture? Reflect on your values beyond salary. Express your dedication, passion and enthusiasm towards the job, the job role and the company.

Communication, Tone & Articulation: Rehearse & Communicate

Try to be as clear and elegant as possible when answering interview questions so that the interviewer will understand what you are saying. Think of it like a professional performer warming up for a show. Practise speaking clearly and intentionally. During the interview, this strategy will improve your overall presentation and fascinate the interviewer with your communication skills.

The Battle of EQ vs IQ: Balance & Consistency

Brace yourself and show your skills, including both logic and reasoning. It is important to be intellectual and empathetic in life and the profession. Reflect on the balance between logical and emotional understanding. Handle challenging questions with diplomatic finesse while showcasing your depth of knowledge and problem-solving skills. This balance highlights your ability to excel in various situations and showcases your full potential as a candidate.

Visualise & Achieve: Match the Objectives

When we search for a job role we visualise ourselves in it. This is an important part of believing that you are the next employee for that job position. Visualise yourself in the job role, and understand if the workspace, culture, mission and vision match with you. Moreover, if all of the above match with your vision then you have your perfect job match. What all you need now is to present that this is your perfect job match.

Dress to Impress: Secret Wardrobe to Success

An interview is the right time to take out your professional secret wardrobe. Dress like you mean it. Choose clothes which are comfortable, well-fit and resonate professionalism. Do not wear torn, unclean or unironed clothes on the day of an interview. Wear clean, tidy and ironed clothes. Your looks reflect your professionalism and your aura.

Courtesies and Gratitude: Display Professionalism

Enter the room with elegance and politeness. Show professionalism by accepting the offerings of the interviewers, you can take a sip of water or sit down when they offer you to. This reflects your appreciation for the opportunity and showcases your ability to handle interactions with professionalism and poise.

Show Curiosity: Ask Questions

Asking questions reflects that you are curious. Most of the hiring team or recruiters are interested in candidates who have the potential to ask the right questions. This would help to show that you are curious about the job, the culture and the company. Ask the right questions about the company, about the culture, how they got so far, what has been the greatest task for them till now, etc. This will provide you with the extra gist of confidence and conformity for job acceptance.

Bonus: Acquire Relevant Degrees and Certifications for Job Success

Enhancing your credentials with relevant degrees and certifications can significantly boost your chances of success in job interviews. Employers often value candidates with a strong educational background and industry-specific certifications, as they demonstrate dedication and expertise in their field. Investing in further education and professional qualifications can set you apart and impress potential employers.


Job interviews can be nerve-wracking, however, when you prepare a list of notes and practise well, it can ease you at many levels. Take care of your posture, and your tone. Make sure to speak clearly and politely while making your points. Make sure to research about the company’s growth, vision and mission. Explore the company before going for an interview. And lastly, align your goals with the company’s and reflect that in your interview.
All the best and we believe you will do your best!

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