How to Fix the Can’t Connect to Epson L360 Printer Error on Windows

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If you are unable to connect your Epson L360 printer to your Windows computer, then try out the different fixes shared in this article. 

This printer, the Epson L360, can do more than just print. Users in the home or business may quickly and easily print, copy, and scan with high-quality, long-lasting copies thanks to the printer’s built-in Micro Piezo print head technology. The utilization of ink tank technology makes this printer an excellent compromise between high performance and affordability. 

However, even after being one of the best multifunctional printers in the market, you can still face some issues with it. But for every problem, there is a solution, and in the case of the Epson L360 printer not connecting error, we will provide you with different fixes. Hence, read this informative article, and try out some of the most effective solutions to get rid of the connection problem between your printer and computer. 

Different Ways To Fix The Epson L360 Printer Connection Error On Windows

Here are some of the most simple ways that you can practice on your own to get rid of the connection problems with your Epson printer. These methods include restarting your computer, Epson L360 Driver Download, and using Windows troubleshooter. 

Method1: Restart Your Windows Device

For fear of losing data or work in progress, many Windows users resist turning off their computers. Consequently, their computer gradually becomes slower. To prevent such issues, you should always power down or restart your device at regular intervals. 

To eliminate unused background programs, you may also restart your desktop or laptop. So, if you’re having trouble seeing the printer icon on your taskbar, try restarting your computer. It could eliminate any background apps. If you’re unfamiliar with the process of restarting a Windows PC, you may find the instructions below. 

Step1: Get to the Start menu, and from there, choose Power. 

Step2: Go to the context menu and choose either Restart or Shut Down. 

Step3: Just wait for your screen to go black if you’ve chosen the Shutdown option. After that, to restart your CPU, press and hold its power button. In contrast, your computer will power up without your intervention once you’ve chosen the Restart option; all it takes is a few seconds. 

Once your computer has restarted, you should be able to see the printer icon. Proceed to the next approach if that fails. 

Method2: Update The Epson L360 Printer Driver

Having outdated or corrupted drivers usually ends up resulting in issues with the connected devices to your computer. Therefore, it is better to keep all your device drivers updated at all times. This practice will also help your computer communicate with the connected devices for better efficiency. Check out the steps below to update your Epson printer driver easily. 

Step1: Press the Enter key on your computer after clicking the Start menu, then enter Control Panel into the search field. 

Step2: From the “View by” menu that appears, choose the “Large icons” option. The appearance of the icon in the Control Panel window will be altered. 

Step3: Selecting the Device Manager tool will bring up a new window with all of the available drivers for your devices. 

Step4: Click the arrow next to the Printer queues option to expand it. 

Step5: To access the Epson L360 printer driver’s context menu, right-click on the driver icon. 

Step6: A new dialog box will pop up when you choose the Update driver option from the list. 

Step7: Select “Search automatically for drivers” from the menu that appears. 

Step8: It may take some time for your PC to locate and download the updated drivers from the internet. 

Step9: To properly install the drivers once they have downloaded, you must adhere to the setup wizard’s instructions. 

Method3: Run The Windows Troubleshooter

Every Windows laptop or desktop comes with different sets of utilities that you can use to keep your device running smoothly. Just like the Device Manager in the previous method here we are going to use the Windows Troubleshooter tool to fix many sorts of problems. Below are some instructions that you can follow to use this tool and get rid of the problem. 

Step1: Click on the Start button, type Settings in its search bar, and then hit the Enter button on your keyboard. 

Step2: On the Settings window, go to the Update & Security section. Over there, select the Troubleshoot tab from the left side. 

Step3: Then, on the right side, click on the Additional troubleshooter link and it will redirect you to a different page. 

Step4: Now, expand the Printer option, and then click on the Run the troubleshooter button to start the process. 

Step5: The troubleshooter will run for a couple of seconds to search for the cause behind the connectivity error. Then, it will show you some instructions on your screen, which you can follow to fix the problem. 

Summing Up


We hope that the methods above have helped you get rid of the Epson L360 printer not connecting error on your computer. If the issue still persists, contact the printer’s manufacturer or the shop from where you purchased it. Additionally, share your thoughts about this problem-fixing blog in the comments section below.

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