How a Cardiologist Retains His Coronary heart Healthier

How a Cardiologist Retains His Coronary heart Healthier


He keeps tabs on his blood pressure.

Dr. Calkins likes to verify his blood tension about as soon as a month. If it starts off trending earlier mentioned typical ranges, he said, that could be a indication to make some life-style modifications.

Persons usually do not require to keep an eye on their blood force like this, he acknowledged, but doing so can support you get in advance of any probable coronary heart overall health difficulties, particularly if you’re at higher hazard for them.

He makes use of an application to monitor his food.

Calorie counting is not beneficial or even recommended for absolutely everyone, Dr. Calkins stated.

But he likes to keep track of what and how significantly he’s ingesting to guarantee he’s adhering to a balanced food plan. He avoids consuming more than 2,000 energy a day to stop body weight get, which can raise the risk of coronary heart issues.


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