Everything you need to know about left handed scissors

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This topic might confuse a lot of people out there, and they might wonder what this particular type of scissors are. As the name suggests, these are a type of scissors solely designed for the people who are left-handed.

As we all know, the majority of the population is right handed, and they might not face any problem in using the regular right handed scissors. But, there are several people out there who could be left-handed. These people might experience great difficulty while using the regular scissors. Hence, they might want to know more about the left handed scissors.

This is especially true in the case of the people who are left handed and are in the hair styling and hairdressing profession. As we all know, such professions require great accuracy, and if you are left handed, then you will not be able to work with the right handed scissors. This in turn will affect your job significantly.

Thus, it is evident that the scissors which are left-handed are indeed very beneficial, and will help you to perform different tasks accurately if you are a lefty. So, without wasting further time, let’s take a look at the important details regarding this particular type of scissors.

What are left handed scissors??

Let us begin our discussion with a detailed overview of this particular type of scissors.

  • Now, if you place the left handed, and right handed scissors side by side, then you will be able to instantly spot the differences in arrangement among both these scissors. In the case of the left handed ones, the blades are switched.

  • This means, in this type of scissors, the left blade points upward, and the right blade points downward. Thus, if you are left-handed, then you will be able to use these scissors without any kind of difficulties.

  • In the case of the right handed scissors, the whole arrangement will be reversed. That is, the right blade will point upwards, and the left blade will point downwards. If you are a right handed person, then you will not be experiencing any kind of issues while using this kind of scissors. But, if you are a left handed individual, then you will not be able to achieve the perfect cut!

  • This is simply because of the fact that if you want a clean and sharp cut, then the correct blade should always be on the top. Otherwise, you will not be able to get the desired appearance.

  • In addition to that, if you are unable to see what you are doing, then it will make your job a lot more difficult. But, with the help of this particular type of scissors, you will be able to get a proper view of what you are doing. 

Do we really need the left handed scissors?

We have listed the important details of these scissors. Now, some of you might wonder if these scissors are really necessary. So, let’s see what makes these scissors important.

  • Some left-handed individuals might try using the right-handed scissors with their left hand. This is not at all recommended as this will feel extremely uncomfortable. It must be noted that, you will not be able to get a good grip, and eventually, you might end up hurting your thumb.

  • It should be noted that the awkward position of the wrist might create an immense amount of harmful tension. Along with that, the reverse handles will push the fingers abruptly, and this will lead to an excess pressure. As a result, you might end up with painful calluses.

  • There are certain varieties of hairdressing scissors that are specifically designed, and as a result, you will not be able to make a smooth cut if you hold them using the wrong hand. In addition to that, because of the bizarre positioning, you will not be able to see the cutting line. So, you need to get the scissors which have been designed for that specific hand under consideration.

  • Along with that, you will also be experiencing some problem in applying the perfect amount of strength while doing a single cut. This can be extremely troubling, while you are doing some intricate cuttings. Sometimes, it might lead to extremely dreadful results.

Some of the best scissors for the left handed people

If you are a lefty, and are wondering which left handed scissors to use, then you should definitely try using the scissors listed below.

  1. Lefty Matsui Apprentice Set

  • This set has been crafted keeping in mind the requirements of all the left handed people out there. These scissors are extremely lightweight, as well as give off a very elegant and classic vibe.

  • An essential feature of these scissors is that they are perfect for all those who are yet to master the art. The Lefty Matsui Apprentice Set will provide proper grip, as well as support for the users, and they will be able to concentrate on their job easily.

  1. Lefty Matsui Rainbow Shear Thinner Combo

  • If you are a left -handed person who gives a lot of attention to the appearance, as well as details of their tools, then you must get the Lefty Matsui Rainbow Shear Thinner Combo.

  • You will be able to grab your client’s attention instantly with the help of all those shears and thinners. These scissors look astonishing, and they are of very high quality, as well. With this variety, you will be able to bring forth beautiful haircuts, as well as perfect finishes.


Here, we have learned about the left handed scissors, and their importance in the world of tools. Along with that, we have listed two of the most amazing options that you can try out if you are a left handed individual. Some lefties might try practicing with the right handed scissors. But, you need not make such sacrifices, as you have plenty of amazing scissors to choose from that are specifically made for people like you. So, without opting for the unwanted stress, you must get one of these scissors immediately! 

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